Jimmy Ponder: To Reach A Dream CD Track Listing

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Jimmy Ponder To Reach A Dream
Muse Records MCD 5394\n\nJimmy Ponder, guitar\nLonnie Smith, organ\nGreg Bandy, drums\nGeary Moore, rhythm guitar (2, 4 & 6 only)\nLawrence Killian, percussion\n\n(Tracks 2,3,4,6 & 8)\nProduced by DonSickler\nEngineer: Rudy Van Gelder\nRecorded at Van Gelder Recording Studio,\n Englewood Cliffs, NJ - July 26, 1988\n\n(Tracks 1, 5 &7)\nProduced by Joe Fields\nEngineer: David Blake\nRecorded at FoxRecording Studio,\n Rutherford, NJ - June 5, 1989
This jazz cd contains 8 tracks and runs 52min 17sec.
Freedb: 740c3f08


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  1. Jimmy Ponder - To Reach A Dream (06:30)
    (J. Ponder) (Jim jenda Music) BMI
  2. Jimmy Ponder - You Are Too Beautiful (06:05)
    (R. Rogers & L. Hart) (Marlin Enterprises/L. Hart Music/Warner Bros.) ASCAP
  3. Jimmy Ponder - Ruby (07:06)
    (M. Parish & H. Roemheld) (Miller Music) ASCAP
  4. Jimmy Ponder - Bumpin' On Sunset (09:31)
    (J. Ponder) (Jim jenda Music) BMI
  5. Jimmy Ponder - Oleo (03:01)
    (S. Rollins) (Prestige Music) BMI
  6. Jimmy Ponder - At Last (06:11)
    (M. Gordan, H. Warren) (EMI Feist Catalog) ASCAP
  7. Jimmy Ponder - This Bitter Earth (09:05)
    (C. Otis) (Eden Music Inc./Alley Music/Trio Music) BMI
  8. Jimmy Ponder - Don't B Flat Blues (04:43)
    (J. Ponder) (Jim jenda Music) BMI

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