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Vox One out there
Vox One is:\nTom Baskett - Bass\nJodi Jenkins - Soprano\nYumiko Matsuoka - Alto\nPaul Pampinella - Baritone\nPaul Stiller - Tenor/Vocal Drums\n\nProduced by Paul Stiller & Vox One\n\nAll songs a cappella, without the use of sampling,\nsequencing, looping, or drum machines.\n\nEngineered and mixed by Eric Tew at Toxic Audio,\nBoston, MA.\n\nMastered by Jonathan Wyner at M Works, Cambridge, MA.\n\nAll photographs copyright Greig Cranna.\n\nGraphic Design by George Almasi.\n\n----------\n\nAdditional Track Info:\n\n1: Searching For You\nMusic: W. Shorter/Lyrics: Paul Stiller\nArrangement: Paul Stiller\nLead vocal & scat solo: Paul Stiller\n\n2: Whisper When I Speak\nMusic/Lyrics: Paul Pampinella\nLead vocal: Paul Pampinella\n\n3: The Eyes Of A Jungle\nMusic/Lyrics: Yumiko Matsuoka\nEnd percussion arrangement: Paul Stiller\nSolos:\n1) Paul Pampinella (harmonics)/Paul Stiller\n2) Jodi Jenkins\nHand claps & vocal percussion: Vox One\n\n4: Gone By\nMusic/Lyrics: Paul Pampinella\n\n5: Save Me\nMusic/Lyrics: Yumiko Matsuoka\nLead vocal: Yumiko Matsuoka\n\n6: The Sky Is Crying\nMusic/Lyrics: E. James - C. Lewis - M. Robinson\nArrangement: Paul Stiller\nLead vocal & vocal guitar: Paul Stiller\nDrums: Paul Pampinella\n\n7: Say You'll Always Be\nMusic/Lyrics: Paul Pampinella\nLead vocal: Paul Pampinella\nPercussion: Paul Pampinella & Paul Stiller\n\n8: That Which You Love\nMusic: Tom Baskett & Paul Stiller\nLyrics: Tom Baskett\nArrangement: Paul Stiller\nLead vocal: Tom Baskett\n\n9: Morning\nMusic: Paul Stiller\nLyrics: Lisa Kelly Stiller/Paul Stiller\nLead Vocal: Jodi Jenkins\n\n10: Out There\nMusic: Paul Stiller\nLyrics: Lisa Kelly Stiller/Paul Stiller\nLead vocal, vocal guitar & scat solo: Paul Stiller\n\n-----------\n\nConcert/Booking Info:\nVox One\nPO Box 1007\nAstor Station\nBoston, MA 02123-1007\n\nCD/Cassette Mail Order:\nMelville Park Studio\n115 Central Ave.\nBoston, MA 02136\n(617) 361-6107\n
This jazz cd contains 10 tracks and runs 46min 49sec.
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  1. Vox One - Searching For You (06:56)
  2. Vox One - Whisper When I Speak (03:49)
  3. Vox One - The Eyes Of A Jungle (05:20)
  4. Vox One - Gone By (02:18)
  5. Vox One - Save Me (04:35)
  6. Vox One - The Sky Is Crying (04:13)
  7. Vox One - Say You'll Always Be (06:47)
  8. Vox One - That Which You Love (04:33)
  9. Vox One - Morning (05:05)
  10. Vox One - Out There (03:07)

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