Various: Future Sound Of Jazz, Vol. 3 CD Track Listing

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Various Future Sound Of Jazz, Vol. 3 (1998)
(p) (c) 1998 Instinct Records\n26 W. 17th St., Suite 502\nNew YorkCity, NY 10011\nPhone: 212.727.1360\nEmail: instinct@compuserve.com\nAll rights reserved.\nUnauthorized duplication is a violationof \napplicable laws. Printed in the USA.\nCatalog Number: EX368-2.\n\nCompiled by Michael Reinboth. Tracks taken from the \noriginal European release, "The Future Sound of Jazz \nVol. 4" on Compost Records\n\nSee also:\nThe Future Sound of Jazz\nThe Future Soundof Jazz 2\nJimpster "Martian Arts"\nThe Next Step- Electronica\nKosma "Universal" YEAR: 1998
This jazz cd contains 12 tracks and runs 74min 1sec.
Freedb: 9c11570c


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  1. Pressure Drop - Unify (Ripped) (04:55)
    (Blood Brothers/Amos)\nProduced by Blood Brothers and B. Amos\nPublished by Big World/Warner Chappell
  2. Ranier Tr
    (Truby/Prommer/Appel)\nProduced by Ranier Truby, Christian Prommer and Roland W. Appel\nPublished by Edition Klangwart/AMV GmbH\nAdministered by The Royalty Network, Inc.
  3. As One - The Hideout (06:45)
    (Degiorgio)\nProduced by Kirk Degiorgio\nPublished by Shield Records
  4. Tosca - Ocean Beat (05:34)
    (Dorfmeister/Huber)\nProduced by Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber\nPublished by G-Stone Music/Fa. Huber Music
  5. Cheever J. Loophole - Suspension (04:45)
    (Loophole)\nProduced by Cheever J. Loophole\nPublished by Space Race
  6. Karma - The Specialist (06:54)
    (Tom/Vegas)\nProduced by Mojo Tom and Lars Vegas\nPublished by Mojo Music
  7. Tongue - Notion (05:17)
    (Tounge)\nProduced by Tounge\nPublished by Octopus Recordings Co,Ltd.
  8. Vibe Nations - New Movements (06:42)
    (Reed)\nProduced by Jamie Reed\nPublished by Ugly Records
  9. Jazzanova - Coffee Talk (05:59)
    (Knoblauch/Barck/Reinemer/Leisering)\nProduced by Jurgen v. Knoblauch, Alexander Barck, Axel Reinemer and Stefan Leisering\nPublished by Jazzanova Records
  10. Extended Spirit - Pressure (06:28)
    (Reinemer/Leisering)\nProduced by Axel Reiemer and Stefan Leisering\nPublished by Dialog Records
  11. A Forest Mighty Black - Everything (07:51)
    (Kunz)\nProduced by Bernd Kunz\nPublished by Edition Klangwart/AMVGmbH\nAdministered by The Royalty Network, Inc.
  12. Hacienda - Electric Diva (06:16)
    (Kadel/Finger)\nProduced by Jurgen Kadel and Marcus Finger\nCopyright Control

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