Antonio Carlos Jobim: Love, Strings And Jobim CD Track Listing

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Antonio Carlos Jobim Love, Strings And Jobim (1966)
Originally Released 1966\nCD Edition Released June 20, 1994\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: N/A\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nAn Orchestra Masterpiece, June 1, 2001 \nBy J. Graham "DURAN" (new jersey USA)\nThis is a Jobim different from the rest of his work. I bought this album in the early sixties and can't stop playing it. The music is lush intrumental, with horns,violins and a magnificent arrangement. \n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nBe Careful!, September 4, 2001 \nBy Ricardo Peruchi (Brasil)\nAlthough this is a very nice album, it is not a Jobim's work. Originally titled as TOM JOBIM APRESENTA (Tom Jobim Introduces), produced by Aloysio de Oliveira & Ray Gilbert in 1966 for the Elenco label, it was conceived as an album through which Jobim would introduce new Brazilian composers and performers to American audiences. Gaya and Deodato were invited to write the arrangements and were promised to be credited as the album leaders. But, the names of the musicians have not appeared on the album credits and, thanks to the big design of Jobim used in the cover, consumers thought they were purchasing a Jobim album! The "false" Tom Jobim album as it appeared in the United States originally in 1966 and when reissued in 1975!\n\nThis CD version, released by Warner in 1994, reproduces the original cover of the 1966 LP issue on the Elenco label. However, it adds the correct info concerning arrangers and musicians, mentioned in the liner cover.\n\nIt features two Jobim compositions:\nSamba Torto - aka Pardon My English (Jobim/Aloysio de Oliveira) e\nEu Preciso de Voc


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  1. Antonio Carlos Jobim - Hurry Up And Love Me (Eu Preciso de Voc
  2. Antonio Carlos Jobim - If You Went Away (Preciso Aprender a Ser S
  3. Antonio Carlos Jobim - The Face I Love (Seu Encanto) (02:13)
  4. Antonio Carlos Jobim - The Sight Of You (Tristeza de N
  5. Antonio Carlos Jobim - Tears (Raz
  6. Antonio Carlos Jobim - Berimbau (03:26)
  7. Antonio Carlos Jobim - Pardon My English (Samba Torto) (01:57)
  8. Antonio Carlos Jobim - Rain (Chuva) (02:18)
  9. Antonio Carlos Jobim - Voc
  10. Antonio Carlos Jobim - Image (Imagem) (01:35)
  11. Antonio Carlos Jobim - I Live To Love You (Morrer De Amor) (02:55)
  12. Antonio Carlos Jobim - Neptune's Hep Tune (A Morte De Um Deus De Sal) (02:13)

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