Barry Manilow: 2:00 AM Paradise Caf

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Barry Manilow 2:00 AM Paradise Caf


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  1. Barry Manilow - Paradise Caf
    The night is new\nThe faces are friendly\nSo have a few\nAnd let me play\nSome new songs, some blue songs\nThe mood is always right\nEvery night at the Paradise Caf
  2. Barry Manilow - Where Have You Gone (04:33)
    Where have you gone\nIt's been so long\nWinter's turned into spring\nAnd your still not with me\nSo far away\nSweet yesterday\nLove came 'round but couldn't stay\n\nWhere have you gone\nDo you still care\nRainy April regrets\nAll this pain and sorrow\nLet
  3. Barry Manilow - Say No More (04:05)
    Say no more\nYou know we've been here before\nQuiet, sleep now\nBaby, say no more\n\nSay no more\nDon't you tell me whats instore\nI know you must go\nOh love, say no more\n\nYou know how much I love you\nJust how much I care\nPlace no one above you\nNo o
  4. Barry Manilow - Blue (With Sarah Vaughan) (04:18)
    When nights are long\nI think of you\nCould you be blue\nAs blue as I am?\nWhen lovers pass\nDo you feel blue\nAnd wish you knew\nWhere we went wrong?\n\nI'd like to call\nBut I'm afraid to find\nThat I'm not on your mind\nAll night long\nWhen Sundays com
  5. Barry Manilow - When October Goes (03:58)
    And when October goes\nThe snow begins to fly\nAbove the smokey roofs\nI watch the planes go by\nThe children running home\nBeneath a twilight sky\nOh, for the fun of them\nWhen I was one of them\n\nAnd when October goes\nThe same old dream appears\nAnd y
  6. Barry Manilow - What Am I Doin' Here (03:15)
    What am I doin' here\nAlone in this lonely house\nThis house that we dreamed about\nThis house we shared till you walked out\n\nWhat am I doin' here\nThis place ain't no good for me\nIt just brings back memories\nAnd the last thing I need is memories\n\nI
  7. Barry Manilow - Good-Bye My Love (04:24)
    You look away from me again\nThere's really nothing to explain\nFeel it in your kiss\nI guess this is good-bye my love\n\nThe way I feel don't have a name\nThe days and nights so filled with pain\nThought that I would stay\nBut I gotta say good-bye my lov
  8. Barry Manilow - Big City Blues (With Mel Torm
    Much of my life has been spiced with romance\nToo many bedrooms I've slept in by chance\nDrownin' out my sorrow\nLongin' for tomorrow\nCaught up in the big city blues\n\nRain pourin' down from a cold winter sky\nDon't wanna smile and I'm too sad to cry\nC
  9. Barry Manilow - When Love Is Gone (04:16)
    When love is gone\nWhat good is candlelight\nEach lonely day\nBecomes a sleepless night\nNo one is there to share the rising dawn\nAnd so it fades away when love is gone\n\nWhen love is gone\nLife's just a hollow shell\nThe stars don't shine\nThe moon has
  10. Barry Manilow - I've Never Been So Low On Love (04:25)
    Well I've never been so low on love \nAnd I know I never hurt so bad \nI never tried so hard \nJust to see it fall apart \nJust to lose the sweetest love I ever had \n\nWell I've never been so low on love \nAnd I know I'll never be the same \nI know you m
  11. Barry Manilow - Night Song (06:10)
    Listen \nThe city is singin' its night song \nA city of shadows and fading starlight \nMixed with bar light \n\nListen \nThe empty streets echo the night song \nA melody I used to think was only for the lonely \n\nNight song \nI hear you \nNow as the nigh

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