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Peggy Lee Peggy At Basin Street East (1961)
Originally Released November 12, 2002\nCD Edition of Original Basin Street East LP Released August 1, 1995\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: N/A\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: (Original 'Basin Street East' LP) This is a lesser Peggy Lee release. Originally it was planned that the singer (at the height of her popularity) would record a live set at Basin Street East in New York. Unfortunately, she caught a cold and her voice was a bit hoarse, so some of the numbers were re-recorded in the studio the following month and spliced quite effectively into the set. However, whether in concert or not, the performances on this CD reissue are rather routine with no chances taken (the dozen sidemen do not get a single solo), and everything sounds pretty well planned in advance. Lee, who is best here on the ballads, never wanders at all from the melodies, and these renditions of her usual repertoire have nothing unique or unusual to offer except perhaps an overly rapid version of "Fever." -- Scott Yanow\n\nAmazon.com Editorial Review\nPeggy Lee may not have had the greatest pipes of her era, but few could equal her preternatural ability to underplay a song, finding nuance and new drama in even the most familiar material. This previously unreleased 1961 New York performance is not only ample evidence of that talent, but one of the most satisfying fixes of pure Peggy ever released. While previous Lee "live" recordings have been revealed to be largely fabrications, this treasure from the vaults offers up an intimate hour with the legend in all its unedited glory. It's a taut set, dotted with medleys that showcase Lee's jazzy charms and deceptively effortless ability to make each song her own, while delivering the hit "Fever" up as breezy, finger-snapping blues and casting Damn Yankees's "Heart" as loopy Cuban romp. If you need an introduction to the legend of Peggy Lee, this would be a lively, gratifying place to start. --Jerry McCulley \n\nAmazon.com Album Description\nSubtitled - The Unreleased Show - Closing Night February 8, 1961, New York City. This album is the entire show, 14 tracks, first time released. Included are pictures of the show and notes from the August Nat Hentoff. Collectors' Choice Music. \n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nPeggy Lee's only live recording, newly discovered., February 28, 2005\nReviewer: Mary Whipple (New England)\nOriginally recorded on Feb. 8, 1961, the last night of Peggy Lee's show at Basin Street East, this is the only complete recording of a "pure," live performance by Peggy Lee--the entire show sung exactly as Peggy performed it, with every song included, warts and all. Lost for forty years in the Capitol Records vault, where it was mislabeled as a "backup" tape, it was finally discovered through the efforts of Cy Godfrey, Lee's attorney, and released in 2002. \n\nAnd what it find it was! Here is Peggy, completely relaxed and joyfully interacting with her audience, at ease with her music, her orchestra, and her fans. Showing her range of styles, she moves from a slow, soft ballad like "The Second Time Around" to full-out wailing at the end of "The Most Beautiful Man in the World," and rock/swing/soul music in a Tribute to Ray Charles. In "I'm Gonna Go Fishin,'" which she wrote with Duke Ellington, Peggy is looser and more comfortable than on her formal recordings, and one can hear her mugging with her audience through the changes in her voice, as she sings with the full orchestra. In "You've Gotta Have Heart," she sings a section in a pseudo-Spanish accent, and in her own song, "Love Being Here With You," she even jokingly interrupts herself to ask, "I wonder what I meant by that line." \n\nHere is Peggy Lee as you have never heard her before, an extraordinary find for the Peggy Lee fan. This is not to say there are no problems. At times, she wanders too far from her microphones, and the lyrics and her patter become almost impossible to hear; on other occasions, when she dramatically whispers her lyrics, she misses an occasional note. Still, her timing, her creative interpretations, and her ability to handle almost any tempo are at their peak here. This is a fantastic album for the Peggy Lee fan--the only opportunity ever to her "live." Mary Whipple\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nOutstanding !!!, November 13, 2002\nReviewer: Hoc Stercus "beeper99" (Hudson, NY USA) \nI have owned a previous incarnation of this recording for several years ---- the one where the tracks were recorded in the studio, but with applause added later to create a "live" effect. I wondered whether a true, live recording would be significantly different --- and worth the expense. I can say without hesitation that I am extremely grateful I took the risk. This current CD is something very special and very wonderful. It contains a vitality and immediacy that validates the trouble and effort that goes into the creation of truly live recording. Apparently an audience brought more out of Ms. Lee than a studio microphone could. She seems to invest more of herself here than she ever did in a recording booth. This album can legitimately be called a "must have" for any Peggy Lee fan.\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nIntoxicating, Tantalizing, Mesmerizing Miss Lee!, July 23, 2002\nReviewer: Allen Bardin (Columbia, SC United States) \nThere aren't enough adjectives to let you know how wonderful this issue is. At last, the "real" live performance of Miss Peggy Lee at the NYC jazz club, Basin Street East, is available for all of us die-hards! (The familiar Capitol release is botched-up & partially studio "fixed".) Here is Peggy at the peak of her artistry, doing her usual spellbinding. Standout tunes are a mightily swinging "The Most Beautiful Man In the World" and the gorgeous "I've Never Left Your Arms". Marvelous liner notes by the esteemed jazz critic Nat Hentoff & rare photos make this package totally irresistable to all of us who regard Peggy Lee as the best popular singer of the 20th Century. A real treasure and not to be missed!\n\nHalf.com Album Credits\nDennis Budimir, Contributing Artist\nRon McMaster, Engineer\nCy Godfrey, Producer\n\nAlbum Notes\nPersonnel: Peggy Lee (vocals); Dennis Budimir (guitar); Abe Rosen (harp); Bob Donovan (flute); Danny Stiles, Phil Sukel, Willie Thomas (trumpet); Mickey Gravine, Ray DeSio (trombone); Joe Harnell (piano); Max Bennett (bass); Stan Levey (drums); Chano Pozo (percussion).\n\nRecorded at Basin Street East, New York, New York on February 8, 1961. Includes liner notes by Cy Godfrey, Nat Hentoff.\n\nAll tracks have been digitally remastered.
This jazz cd contains 14 tracks and runs 56min 35sec.
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  1. Peggy Lee - Overture (01:35)
  2. Peggy Lee - Day In - Day Out (01:47)
  3. Peggy Lee - Call Me Darling (02:32)
  4. Peggy Lee - Medley: One Kiss + My Romance + The Most Beautiful Man In The World (04:15)
  5. Peggy Lee - Medley: But Beautiful + The Second Time Around (05:46)
  6. Peggy Lee - Fever (02:59)
  7. Peggy Lee - I'm Gonna Go Fishin' (03:46)
  8. Peggy Lee - I Love Being Here With You (02:32)
  9. Peggy Lee - By Myself (03:56)
  10. Peggy Lee - Heart (01:56)
  11. Peggy Lee - I've Never Left Your Arms (04:08)
  12. Peggy Lee - Ray Charles Tribute: Hallelujah, I Love Him So + I Got A Man + Just For A Thrill + Yes Indeed! (14:29)
  13. Peggy Lee - Peggy Lee Bow Music (01:23)
  14. Peggy Lee - Medley: I Don't Know Enough About You + Manana + Why Don't You Do Right + Lover + It's A Good Day (05:19)

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