Common: "Come Close" Remix (Closer) CD Maxi Single CD Track Listing

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Common "Come Close" Remix (Closer) CD Maxi Single
Entered by Slice!! In Detroit
This jazz cd contains 5 tracks and runs 23min 1sec.
Freedb: 37056305


: Music



  1. Common - "Come Close" Remix (Closer) Featuring Erykah Badu, Pharrell , and Q-Tiip (04:40)
    Remixed J-Dilla
  2. Common - "Come Close" Remix (Closer) Instrumental (04:39)
  3. Common - Come Close Featuring Mary J. Blige (04:25)
  4. Common - The Hustle Featuring Omar and Dart Chillz (04:18)
    Omar in da' House!!
  5. Common - Aquarius Featuring Bilal (04:56)

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