Anthony Braxton: 3 Compositions of New Jazz CD Track Listing

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Anthony Braxton 3 Compositions of New Jazz (1968)
Anthony Braxton: alto sax, soprano sax, clarinet, flute, musette, accordion, bells, snare drum, mixer, etc.\nLeroy Jenkins: violin, viola, harmonica, bass drum, recorder, cymbals, slide whistle, etc.\nLeo Smith: trumpet, mellophone, xylophone, bottles, kazoo, etc.\nMuhal Richard Abrams: piano, cello, alto clarinet (3)\nTrack 1 recorded 1968-03-27; tracks 2 & 3, 1968-04-10.\nOriginally released as Delmark LP (1968).\nCD: Delmark Records DD-415 (1993-09-18), UPC 038153041526.
This jazz cd contains 3 tracks and runs 43min 21sec.
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  1. Anthony Braxton - (840M)-Realize-44M 44M (19:58)
    (Anthony Braxton/Ric Peg)\nBraxton's "2-d" title:\n\n (840M)\n ----+-\n --+---- Realize\n | 44M\n |\n 44M
  2. Anthony Braxton - N-M488-44M Z-* (12:54)
    (Anthony Braxton/Ric Peg)\nBraxton's "2-d" title:\n\n N\n \\____ M488\n \\__ 44M\n Z ------ *
  3. Anthony Braxton - The Bell (10:26)
    (Leo Smith/Ric Peg)

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