David Lahm: Jazz Takes on Joni Mitchell CD Track Listing

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David Lahm Jazz Takes on Joni Mitchell (1999)
"Featuring Randy Brecker, Thomas Chapin, Lew Tabackin and 15 other select musicians". Arkadia Jazz / Arkadia Entertainment Corp.
This jazz cd contains 9 tracks and runs 62min 4sec.
Freedb: 610e8a09


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  1. David Lahm - Solid Love (07:03)
    from Wild Things Run Fast\n("We got a break, unbelievable...")
  2. David Lahm - Song for Sharon (06:44)
    from Hejira\n("I went to Staten Island, Sharon...")
  3. David Lahm - Edith & the Kingpin (06:14)
    from The Hissing of Summer Lawns\n("The big man arrives; disco dancers greet him.")
  4. David Lahm - Coyote (05:56)
    from Hejira\n("No regrets, coyote...")
  5. David Lahm - Blue Motel Room (07:19)
    from Hejira\n("with a blue bedspread on...")
  6. David Lahm - The Blonde in the Bleachers and the Vamp from Hell (07:32)
    from For the Roses\n("...she flips her hair for you.")\nSegues into "The Vamp from Hell" by David Lahm.
  7. David Lahm - Fiddle and the Drum (05:23)
    from Clouds\n("And so, once again, my dear Johnny, my dear friend...")
  8. David Lahm - Solid Love (alternate version) (06:57)
    from Wild Things Run Fast\nSame personnel as #1, without harmonica
  9. David Lahm - Shadows and Light (08:49)
    from The Hissing of Summer Lawns\n("Every picture has its shadows...")

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