Them Bones: You Asked For It! CD Track Listing

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Them Bones You Asked For It! (2004)
Original recording produced by Chuck Mandernach\nRecorded and mixed at January Sound Studios, Dallas, TX\nRecorded by Linda Adelkoff / Mixing by Bob Pickering\nMastered at Ardent Mastering, Memphis, TN / Mastering by Larry Nix\nPressed at Rainbow Pressing Dallas TX\nOriginal album design, photography, & artwork by Alen beutler\nSpecial thanks to the January Sound crew: Les Studdard, Studio Mgr., Tom, Deanna, and Jan\n========= CD Reissue ==============\nTape restoration by Paul Christiansen, Omega Produtions\nDigital remixing and mastering by David Rosenblad, DRM Productions\nRemix produced by Chuck Mandernach\nPhotography by Alan Beutler.\nTThe six original compositions on this recording (for 5 or 6 trombones, \npiano, guitar, bass and drums) are published. For information, contact:\nChuck Mandernach, Them Bones Music, 9324 Whitehurst Dr., Dallas TX\n75243, Phone: (214) 341-0057, email thembones2004@yahoo.com
This jazz cd contains 10 tracks and runs 40min 48sec.
Freedb: 80098e0a


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  1. Them Bones - Never Will I Marry (03:33)
  2. Them Bones - K.C. Yesterday (04:41)
  3. Them Bones - Autumn In New York (01:57)
  4. Them Bones - Sliding Staircase (04:48)
  5. Them Bones - Sonday Outing (04:52)
  6. Them Bones - Nardis (04:57)
  7. Them Bones - Back Country Landscape (03:01)
  8. Them Bones - Spring is Here (04:26)
  9. Them Bones - Dragon Lady (04:45)
  10. Them Bones - You Asked for It! (03:41)

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