Dave Grusin: Gershwin Connection 1991 CD Track Listing

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Dave Grusin Gershwin Connection 1991 (1991)
This jazz cd contains 13 tracks and runs 60min 8sec.
Freedb: a80e160d


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  1. Dave Grusin - That Certain Feeling (01:12)
    Performed by George Gershwin (Piano Roll)
  2. Dave Grusin - Soon (04:03)
    Eddie Daniels\tclarinet\nDave Grusin\tpiano\nJohn Patitucci\tbass\nDave Weckl\tdrums
  3. Dave Grusin - Fascinating Rhythm (05:03)
    Gary Burton\tvibraphone\nDave Grusin\tpiano\nJohn Patitucci\tbass\nDave Weckl\tdrums
  4. Dave Grusin - Prelude Ii (05:39)
    Eddie Daniels\tclarinet\nDave Grusin\tkeyboards\nJohn Patitucci\tfretless bass solo, bass\nSonny Emory\tdrums
  5. Dave Grusin - How Long Has This Been Going On? (05:14)
    Dave Grusin\tpiano\nJohn Patitucci\tbass\nDave Weckl\tdrums
  6. Dave Grusin - There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York (05:40)
    Eric Marienthal\tsoprano saxophone\nDave Grusin\tkeyboards\nJohn Patitucci\tbass\nSonny Emory\tdrums
  7. Dave Grusin - My Man's Gone Now (06:52)
    Eric Marienthal\talto saxophone\nSal Marquez\ttrumpet\nDave Grusin\tkeyboards\nJohn Patitucci\tbass\nDave Weckl\tdrums
  8. Dave Grusin - Maybe (03:51)
    Gary Burton\tvibraphone\nDave Grusin\tkeyboards\nJohn Patitucci\tbass\nDave Weckl\tdrums
  9. Dave Grusin - Our Love Is Here To Stay (03:14)
    Sal Marquez\ttrumpet\nDave Grusin\tpiano\nJohn Patitucci\tbass\nDave Weckl\tdrums\nLee Ritenour\tacoustic guitar
  10. Dave Grusin - 's Wonderful (03:48)
    Chick Corea\tpiano\nDave Grusin\tpiano
  11. Dave Grusin - I've Got Plenty O' Nuthin' (06:07)
    Don Grusin\tt-3 clarinet\nLee Ritenour\tguitar\nDave Grusin\tkeyboards\nJohn Patitucci\tbass\nSonny Emory\tdrums
  12. Dave Grusin - Nice Work If You Can Get It (03:30)
    Dave Grusin\tpiano
  13. Dave Grusin - Medley: Bess You Is My Woman / I Loves You Porgy (05:48)
    David Nadien\tconcert master\nDave Grusin\tpiano\nEttore Strata\tstrings conducter

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