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George Shearing Black & White Satin (1957)
1998 Razor & Tie Entertainment, LLC\n'Black Satin' Originally Released as Capitol T-858 in 1957\n'White Satin' Originally Released as Capitol ST-1334 in 1960\nCapitol 2-fer CD Edition Originally Released as Capitol C2-92089 on October 8, 1991\nRazor & Tie 2-fer CD Edition Originally Released July 14, 1998\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: (This Compilation) The author of Black Satin's original liner notes would have one believe the album was recorded for the sole purpose of aiding swinging bachelors in their quest to seduce women (ranging from "the girl in blue gingham to the lady in luxurious black satin"). Astute jazz lovers know, however, that even the poppiest George Shearing records are far more than simple cocktail lounge dreck. It's mellow music for sure, and heavily orchestrated, but there is a level of harmonic sophistication and brilliant arranging here that qualifies Black Satin for classic status. George Shearing's sublimely elegant tone, touch, and phrasing are perhaps never better and more simply displayed than on this album. Plus, the record in some ways serves as a primer to his style, as he manages to add subtle shadings of Latin music, bebop, and barrelhouse throughout (sometimes all in the same tune). As the title suggests, this isn't an album full of ferocious up-tempo jazz chops, but rather mood music in the best possible sense of that term. Often sounding like a soundtrack to a non-existent film noir classic or a concept album in the vein of Frank Sinatra's In the Wee Small Hours, it's by turns mysterious, jovial, exotic, romantic, melancholy, and wistful. Black Satin owes a good part of its success to the strings (co-arranged by Billy May, who also worked with Sinatra), which are perfectly mated to the quintet in a manner that recalls the best work of George Martin with the Beatles. Though often lumped in with the lounge genre, Black Satin is by no means simply background music. Best listened to as a continuous piece, the album (which is available on CD with its sister disc, White Satin) reveals deeper and deeper subtleties upon repeated listening. -- Pemberton Roach\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nEasy listening, rather than jazz in these old LP's..., July 5, 2003 \nReviewer: William E. Adams from Lovington, NM United States \nBeautiful music, but best for background sounds, is my take on these two Capitol LP's. Razor & Tie put them together on CD in 1998, but "Black Satin" was a 1957 release, and "White Satin" came along in 1960. Both have orchestra backing, which diminishes the jazz feel for Shearing's always superb piano work. While the booklet credits "The George Shearing Quintet & Orchestra" for "Black", no players are named. Since Billy May did the arrangements, however, one might assume he also provided the other musicians. On the "White" album, three years later, May is credited with "conducting" the orchestra. Out of the 22 tracks, only two are written by George. The rest are a mixture of standards and now-obscure songs. I love Shearing, but I like him best with a quartet or quintet. His solo albums and his orchestra-backed works tend to be pretty, but a bit dull. Still, there are moments on this disc which are compelling, including his rendition of the Gershwin's classic "How Long Has This Been Going On?" A naughty bonus, for its era: The original cover of "White Satin" is reproduced as the back cover insert in this reissue. It features a redheaded woman in an open-front white dress, semi-reclining in an inviting pose. Tame by the standards of rap music videos, but quite daring for 1960. \n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nThe master of smooth, April 17, 1999 \nReviewer: A music fan from The Sunny Gulf Coast \nClassic, smooth sounds...Shearing never intrudes on your space...Always keeps the jazz heritage in the background, so you remember his roots...great late nite music with low lights, your lady, and a snifter of good brandy... \n\nHalf.com Album Notes\nPreviously available on CD on Capitol Records [7777 92089] as WHITE SATIN/BLACK SATIN.BLACK SATIN was originally released in 1957. WHITE SATIN was originally released in 1960.
This jazz cd contains 22 tracks and runs 67min 20sec.
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  1. George Shearing - The Folks Who Live On The Hill (04:33)
  2. George Shearing - If I Should Lose You (02:40)
  3. George Shearing - Starlight Souvenirs (03:29)
  4. George Shearing - What Is There To Say (02:46)
  5. George Shearing - Black Satin (02:38)
  6. George Shearing - You Don't Know What Love Is (02:59)
  7. George Shearing - Nothing Ever Changes My Love (04:37)
  8. George Shearing - One Morning In May (02:34)
  9. George Shearing - Moon Song (02:41)
  10. George Shearing - As Long As I Live - Let's Live Again (03:58)
  11. George Shearing - Your Name Is Love (02:56)
  12. George Shearing - Dream (02:29)
  13. George Shearing - Laura (02:56)
  14. George Shearing - There's A Small Hotel (02:56)
  15. George Shearing - Old Folks (03:12)
  16. George Shearing - Blue Malibu (02:05)
  17. George Shearing - How Long Has This Been Going On (03:13)
  18. George Shearing - Love's Melody (02:37)
  19. George Shearing - An Affair To Remember (03:05)
  20. George Shearing - There'll Be Another Spring (03:01)
  21. George Shearing - Moonlight Becomes You (03:00)
  22. George Shearing - I'll Take Romance (02:43)

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