poPHAT: Untitled Demo circa 2000 CD Track Listing

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poPHAT Untitled Demo circa 2000 (2000)
Demos from an unreleased poPHAT album recorded in Toronto around 2000 by the original lineup.\n\nIll SPies and Dub Hop appeared on their first promo CD "Samurai Flow"\n\nAlso note: Stitch7 was out of town so Mackie is the only vocalist on these tracks plus some backing vocals by Tina.
This jazz cd contains 4 tracks and runs 19min 42sec.
Freedb: 2d049c04


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  1. poPHAT - Ill Spies (04:52)
  2. poPHAT - Feel the Flow (03:31)
  3. poPHAT - Red I (03:51)
  4. poPHAT - Dub Hop (07:24)

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