Don Pullen: Sacred Common Ground CD Track Listing

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Don Pullen Sacred Common Ground
Don Pullen, piano\n\nThe African Brazilian Connection:\nCarlos Ward, alto saxophone\nJ. T. Lewis, drums\nMor Thiam, African percussion\n\nFeaturing:\nJoseph Bowie, trombone\nSanti Debriano, bass\n\nChief Cliff Singers:\nMike Kenmille (lead)\nClifford Burke\nArleen Adams\nGina Big Beaver\nClayton Burke\nKenny Lozeau\nFrancis Auld\n\nProduced by Michael Cuscuna and Don Pullen
This jazz cd contains 7 tracks and runs 46min 38sec.
Freedb: 550aec07


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  1. Don Pullen - The Eagle Is First (03:54)
  2. Don Pullen - Common Ground (10:27)
  3. Don Pullen - River Song (07:37)
  4. Don Pullen - Reservation Blues (06:46)
  5. Don Pullen - Message In Smoke (08:24)
  6. Don Pullen - Resting On The Road (07:48)
  7. Don Pullen - Reprise: Still Here (01:38)

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