Enrico Pieranunzi: New Lands CD Track Listing

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Enrico Pieranunzi New Lands (1990)
Enrico Pieranunzi: \tNew lands\n\n"Timeless Piano Trio" / Timeless Record\n\nEnrico Pieranunzi : piano\nMarc johnson:\tBass\nJoey Baron:\tDrums YEAR: 1990
This jazz cd contains 7 tracks and runs 46min 30sec.
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  1. Enrico Pieranunzi - If there is someone lovelier than you (07:31)
    If there is someone lovelier than you\n(Dietz/Schwartz)\n
  2. Enrico Pieranunzi - I fall in love too easily (05:11)
    I fall in love too easily\n(Styne/Cahn)\n\n
  3. Enrico Pieranunzi - The mood is good (07:55)
    The mood is good\n(E. Pieranunzi)
  4. Enrico Pieranunzi - New lands (06:23)
    New lands\n(E. Pieranunzi)
  5. Enrico Pieranunzi - A child is born (06:36)
    A child is born\n(T. Jones)\n
  6. Enrico Pieranunzi - All the thing you are (07:43)
    All the thing you are\n(Kern/Hammerstein)\n
  7. Enrico Pieranunzi - I Love you (05:07)
    BONUS CD TRACK:\n\nI love you\n(Cole Porter)

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