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Duke Ellington Jazz Party (1959)
CK 40712\nPreviously released as CS 8127\n\nTrumpets:\nDizzy Gillespie, Ray Nance, Clark Terry, Cat Anderson, Shorty Baker, Andres Ford\n\nSaxophones:\nJohnny Hodges, Paul gonsalves, Harry Carney, Himmy Hamilton, Russell Procope\n\nTrombones:\nBritt Woodman, Quentin Jackson, John Sanders\n\nPiano:\nDuke Ellington, Jimmy Jones\n\nBass:\nJimmy Woode\n\nDrums:\nSam Woodyard\n\nVocalist:\nJimmy Rushing\n\nPercussionists:\nMorris Goldenberg, George Gaber, Elden C. Bailey, Chauncey Morehouse, Harry Breuer, Robert M. Rosengarden, Walter E. Rosenberger, Bradley Spinney, Milton Schlesinger\n\nProduced by Irving Townsend\nRecorded on 2/19 and 2/25, 1959 at the Columbia 30th Street Studio, New York\nDigital Remix Engineer: Larry Keyes YEAR: 1959
This jazz cd contains 8 tracks and runs 49min 58sec.
Freedb: 5e0bb408


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  1. Duke Ellington - Malletoba Spank (03:39)
    Featuring the Percussion Section:\nMorris Goldenberg\nGeorge Gaber\nElden C. Bailey\nChauncey Morehouse\nHarry Breuer\nRobert M. Rosengarden\nWalter E. Rosenberger\nBradley Spinney\nMilton Schlesinger
  2. Duke Ellington - Toot Suite (21:37)
    Index\n\na. Red Garter\n\tBritt Woodman, Trombone\nb. Red Shoes\n\tJimmy Hamilton, Saxophone\n\tShorty Baker, Trumpet\nc. Red Carpet (Part 1)\n\tRussel Procope, Saxophone\n\tQuentin Jackson, Trombone\nd. Red Carpet (Part 2)\n\tas above\ne. Red Carpet (Par
  3. Duke Ellington - Satin Doll (02:43)
  4. Duke Ellington - U.M.M.G. (04:30)
    Dizzy Gillespie\tTrumpet
  5. Duke Ellington - All of Me (02:30)
    Johnny Hodges\tSaxophone
  6. Duke Ellington - Tymperturbably Blue (04:23)
    Featuring the Percussion Section\n(See track 1)
  7. Duke Ellington - Fillie Trillie (02:43)
  8. Duke Ellington - Hello Little Girl (07:46)
    Jimmy Jones\tPiano\nJimmy Rushing\tVocals\nDizzy Gillespie\tTrumpet

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