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Nat King Cole At the Sands (2002)
Nat King Cole [Nathaniel Adams Coles] (1919/1965): piano (tracks 9,13,14), vocals\nJohn Collins: guitar\nCharlie Harris: bass\nLee Young: drums\nOrchestra conducted by Antonio Morelli.\nMusical direction: Dave Cavanaugh\nArrangements: Nelson Riddle (1,10), Pete Rugolo (2), Dave Cavanaugh (3-9,11-14)\nTracks 1-12 recorded live at the Sands, Las Vegas US-NV, 1960-01-14.\nTracks 13,14 recorded at Capitol Studios, Hollywood US-CA, 1959-09-02.\nProduced by Lee Gillette and Dave Cavanaugh.\nTracks 1-11 originally released as Capitol LP "At the Sands" (1966).\nReissue produced by Michael Cuscuna.\nRemixed and mastered by Ron McMaster.\nCD: Capitol 38694 (2002-08-13), UPC 724353869427.
This jazz cd contains 14 tracks and runs 49min 27sec.
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  1. Nat King Cole - Ballerina (02:30)
    (Carl Sigman/Bob Russell; arr. Nelson Riddle)
  2. Nat King Cole - Funny (Not Much) (03:29)
    (Marcia Neil/Philip Broughton/Hughie Prince/Bob Merrill; arr. Pete Rugolo)
  3. Nat King Cole - The Continental (03:40)
    (Con Conrad/Herbert Magidson; arr. Dave Cavanaugh)
  4. Nat King Cole - I Wish You Love (02:59)
    (Charles Trenet/Albert Beach; arr. Dave Cavanaugh)
  5. Nat King Cole - You Leave Me Breathless (02:31)
    (Frederick Hollander/Ralph Freed; arr. Dave Cavanaugh)
  6. Nat King Cole - Thou Swell (02:41)
    (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart; arr. Dave Cavanaugh)
  7. Nat King Cole - My Kinda Love (03:05)
    (Louis Alter/Jo Trent; arr. Dave Cavanaugh)
  8. Nat King Cole - The Surrey with the Fringe on Top (02:54)
    (Richard Rodgers/Oscar Hammerstein II; arr. Dave Cavanaugh)
  9. Nat King Cole - Where or When (03:33)
    (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart; arr. Dave Cavanaugh)
  10. Nat King Cole - Miss Otis Regrets (She's Unable to Lunch Today) (04:22)
    (Cole Porter; arr. Nelson Riddle)
  11. Nat King Cole - Joe Turner Blues (05:03)
    (W.C. Handy/Walter Hirsch; arr. Dave Cavanaugh)
  12. Nat King Cole - Mr. Cole Won't Rock & Roll (07:49)
    (Jimmy Sherman/Noel Sherman; arr. Dave Cavanaugh)
  13. Nat King Cole - In a Mellow Tone (01:57)
    (Duke Ellington/Milt Gabler; arr. Dave Cavanaugh)
  14. Nat King Cole - Whatcha' Gonna Do (02:45)
    (Nat King Cole; arr. Dave Cavanaugh)

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