Return To Forever: Complete Live In Boston 1977 (disc2) CD Track Listing

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Return To Forever Complete Live In Boston 1977 (disc2) (1977)
Return To Forever are :\nChick Corea\tkeyboards\nStanley Clarke\tacoustic & electric basses, vocals\nGayle Moran\tvocals, organ\nJoe Farrell\tsoprano & tenor saxophone, flute, piccolo\nGerry Brown\tdrums\nJohn Thomas\ttrumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet\nJames Tinsley\ttrumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn\nJim Pugh\t\tlead tenor trombone, baritone horn\nHarold Garrett\tbass trombone, baritone horn, tuba\nRon Moss\t\ttenor trombone\n\nRecorded live at Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USA on May 15th, 1977
This jazz cd contains 7 tracks and runs 79min 1sec.
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  1. Return To Forever - Rondeau (Mourret) (02:03)
  2. Return To Forever - Music Magic (29:04)
  3. Return To Forever - Do You Ever (05:13)
  4. Return To Forever - I Loved You Then, I Love You Now (07:23)
  5. Return To Forever - Come Rain or Come Shine (04:18)
  6. Return To Forever - Serenade (15:53)
  7. Return To Forever - The Moorish Warror and Spanish Princess (15:01)

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