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Al Jarreau This Time (1980)
This Time \nArtist Al Jarreau \nAlbum Title This Time \nDate of Release 1980 (recording) inprint \nAMG Rating (Best-of-Artist) \nGenre Vocal \nStyles Soft Rock, R&B \nTime 42:00 \n \nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: A big hit on the urban, R&B, and fusion landscape. Infrequent jazz vocals. -- Ron Wynn \n\nAl Jarreau - Percussion, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Rhythm Arrangements, Vocal Percussion \nLarry Williams - Synthesizer, Fender Rhodes \nGeorge Duke - Piano, Fender Rhodes \nEarl Klugh - Guitar, Gut String Guitar, Rhythm Arrangements \nGreg Mathieson - Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards, Rhythm Arrangements, Synthesizer Strings \nBill Reichenbach - Trombone \nLes Thompson - Harmonica \nDavid Foster - Piano, Fender Rhodes \nTom Canning - Piano, Keyboards, Bells, Fender Rhodes, Rhythm Arrangements \nOscar Castro-Neves - Guitar \nChuck Findley - Trumpet, Horn \nSteve Gadd - Drums \nSteve George - Synthesizer \nJay Graydon - Synthesizer, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Producer, Engineer, Rhythm Arrangements \nBernie Grundman - Mastering \nJerry Hey - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Horn, Horn Arrangements \nRalph Humphrey - Percussion, Drums \nTom Kellock - Rhythm Arrangements \nAbe Laboriel - Bass \nMichael Omartian - Synthesizer, Synthesizer Strings \nDean Parks - Guitar, Guitar (Electric) \nEarl Lon Price - Saxophone \nLon Price - Sax (Alto) \nMichael Rice - Photography \nCarlos Vega - Drums \nLarry Williams - Synthesizer, Piano, Fender Rhodes \nJoe Bogan - Engineer \nOscar Neves - Gut String Guitar \nRichard Avedon - Photography \nRichard Seireeni - Art Direction \nHarry Mittman - Art Direction \n \n1987 CD Warner Brothers 2-3434 \n1987 CS Warner Brothers M5-3434 \n1980 LP Warner Brothers 3434 \n\nArtist: Al Jarreau Genre: Pop Vocal\nThis Time \nRelease date: 10/25/1990 \nOriginal release date: 1980 \nLabel: Warner Bros. Records\nProducer: Jay Graydon\nEngineer: Joe Bogan\nGuest Artists: Earl Klugh\nStudio\nPieces in Set: 1\nCatalog#: 3434\nDistributor: WEA\nDesc: Performer\n--------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n \nAdditional Notes: \n \nPersonnel: Al Jarreau (vocals); Oscar Neves (acoustic guitar); Jay Graydon (guitar, synthesizer); Earl Klugh, Dean Parks (guitar); Les Thompson (harmonica); Lon Price (alto saxophone); Jerry Hey (trumpet, flugelhorn); Chuck Findley (trumpet); Bill Reichenbach (trombone); David Foster (piano); Tom Canning (piano, keyboards, percussion); Greg Mathieson (piano, string synthesizer); Larry Williams (keyboards, synthesizer); Michael Omartian, Steve George (synthesizer); Abe Laboriel (bass); Ralph Humphrey (drums, percussion); Steve Gadd, Carlos Vega (drums).\n\nRecorded at Dawnbreaker Studios, San Fernando, California in May 1980. \n--------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n NOTES \n \n\nDate: 1980 \nLength: 42: 0 minutes\nLabel: WEA/WARNER BROTHERS \nGenre: VOCAL \nCategory: Jazz Vocals \n \n \n CREDITS \n \n \n \nPerformers \nTom Canning : Bells, Fender Rhodes, Keyboards, Piano\nOscar Castro-Neves : Guitar\nGeorge Duke : Fender Rhodes, Piano\nChuck Findley : Horn, Trumpet\nDavid Foster : Fender Rhodes, Piano\nSteve Gadd : Drums\nSteve George : Synthesizer\nJay Graydon : Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Synthesizer\nJerry Hey : Flugelhorn, Horn, Trumpet\nRalph Humphrey : Drums, Percussion\nAl Jarreau : Percussion, Vocals, Vocals (Background)\nEarl Klugh : Guitar, Gut String Guitar\n Abe Laboriel : Bass\nGreg Mathieson : Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer\nOscar Neves : Gut String Guitar\nMichael Omartian : Synthesizer\nDean Parks : Guitar, Guitar (Electric)\nEarl Lon Price : Saxophone\nLon Price : Sax (Alto)\nBill Reichenbach : Trombone\nLes Thompson : Harmonica\nCarlos Vega : Drums\nLarry Williams : Fender Rhodes, Synthesizer, Fender Rhodes, Piano, Synthesizer\n \n \nProduction Credits \nRichard Avedon : Photography\nJoe Bogan : Engineer\nTom Canning : Rhythm Arrangements\nJay Graydon : Engineer, Producer, Rhythm Arrangements\nBernie Grundman : Mastering\nJerry Hey : Horn Arrangements\nAl Jarreau : Main Performer, Rhythm Arrangements, Vocal Percussion\n Tom Kellock : Rhythm Arrangements\nEarl Klugh : Rhythm Arrangements\nGreg Mathieson : Rhythm Arrangements, Synthesizer Strings\nHarry Mittman : Art Direction\nMichael Omartian : Synthesizer Strings\nMichael Rice : Photography\nRichard Seireeni : Art Direction\n \n \n\n\n\n \n YEAR: 1980
This jazz cd contains 9 tracks and runs 42min 19sec.
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  1. Al Jarreau - Never Givin' Up (03:58)
  2. Al Jarreau - Gimme What You Got (03:45)
  3. Al Jarreau - Love Is Real (04:26)
  4. Al Jarreau - Alonzo (05:26)
  5. Al Jarreau - (If I Could Only) Change Your Mind (04:17)
  6. Al Jarreau - Spain (I Can Recall) (06:32)
  7. Al Jarreau - Distracted (05:53)
  8. Al Jarreau - Your Sweet Love (04:14)
  9. Al Jarreau - (A Rhyme) This Time (03:41)

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