Kenneth "Jethro" Burns: Bye Bye Blues CD Track Listing

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Kenneth "Jethro" Burns Bye Bye Blues (1997)
Kenneth "Jethro" Burns (1920/1989): mandolin\nDon Stiernberg: rhythm guitar\nRecorded by Don Stiernberg at Burns' home in Evanston US-IL, 1987/1988.\nProduced for Dawg Productions by David Grisman & Don Stiernberg.\nMixed at Dawg Studios, Mill Valley US-CA, by David Dennison, Don Stiernberg & David Grisman, 1994-12.\nMastered by Paul Stubblebine at the Rocket Lab, San Francisco US-CA.\nCD: Acoustic Disc ACD-26 (1997-10-21), UPC 715949102622.
This jazz cd contains 22 tracks and runs 64min 7sec.
Freedb: 420f0516


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  1. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - Idaho (02:22)
    (Jesse Stone)
  2. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - Laura (02:14)
    (David Raksin/Johnny Mercer)
  3. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - Up a Lazy River (02:47)
    (Hoagy Carmichael/Sidney Arodin)
  4. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - Four Leaf Clover (01:24)
    (Harry MacGregor Woods/Mort Dixon)
  5. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - Bye Bye Blues (03:31)
    (David Bennett/Chauncey Gray/Frederick Hamm/Bert Lown)
  6. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - I Surrender, Dear (03:30)
    (Gordon Clifford/Harry Barris)
  7. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - Mood Indigo (04:00)
    (Duke Ellington/Irving Mills/Barney Bigard)
  8. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - I Never Knew (03:02)
    (Gus Kahn/Ted Fio Rito)
  9. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - California Here I Come (02:32)
    (Buddy DeSylva/Joseph Meyer/Al Jolson)
  10. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - Love Me or Leave Me (04:04)
    (Gus Kahn/Walter Donaldson)
  11. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - Tuck Me to Sleep (in My Old 'Tucky Home) (02:10)
    (Joseph Meyer/Sam M. Lewis/Victor Young)
  12. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - I'll Always Be in Love with You (02:48)
    (Bud Green/Sam H. Stept/Herman Ruby)
  13. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - Jeanine, I Dream of Lilac Time (03:46)
    (L. Wolfe Gilbert/Nat Shilkret)
  14. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - Paramount Stomp (02:04)
  15. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - You Made Me Love You (03:29)
    (James V. Monaco/Joseph McCarthy)
  16. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - Home (03:24)
    (Peter Van Steeden/Harry Clarkson)
  17. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - Let's Dance (02:30)
    (Gregory Stone/Joseph Bonime/Fannie Baldridge)
  18. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - Bill Bailey (02:32)
    (Hughie Cannon)\nAKA "(Won't You Come Home) Bill Bailey", "Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home".
  19. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - Absence Never Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (04:06)
    (Maxine Brown/Jim Ed Brown)\nAKA "Here Today (and Gone Tomorrow)".
  20. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - I Can't Give You Anything but Love (02:39)
    (Jimmy McHugh/Dorothy Fields)
  21. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - Sunday (02:42)
    (Chester Conn/Jule Styne/Ned Miller/Benny Krueger)
  22. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns - Idaho [alt.] (02:19)
    (Jesse Stone)

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