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Phill Woods Gratitude (1986)
Phil Woods - alto, clarinet\nTom Harrell - tpt, flugelhorn\nHal Galper - piano\nSteve Gilmore - bass\nBill Goodwin - drums
This jazz cd contains 8 tracks and runs 71min 37sec.
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  1. Phill Woods - 111-44 (06:45)
    An Oliver Nelson original, recorded by \nhim and Eric Dolphy on the New Jazz \nLabel in 1961. The theme is presented in \nhard-bop style, after which Woods' galant \nsolo style makes itself known. The charm \nof his lusterous tone, along with his free, \n
  2. Phill Woods - Another Jones (09:46)
    Written by Hal Galper. Though based on \nthe bebop idiom, the number has a \ncontemporary sence in its progressive \ntrades between Phil's alto and the \ntrumpet and drums. The listener can \ndistinguish an interesting format where \nGalper's piano solo a
  3. Phill Woods - Gratitude (09:00)
    Tom Harrell penned this one. After \nintroducing the theme, full of modern \nharmony and feelings, Wood takes a \nrelaxed solo, followed by a beautiful bit by \nGalper on piano. Harrell's ensuing solo is \nfree and easy and is followed by Steve \nGilmore'
  4. Phill Woods - My Azure (08:28)
    Written by Bill Mays. Woods plays \nclarinet here, but if you listen carefully, \nyou'll hear that the phrasing he uses is \nalmost identical to that he regularly \nemploys on alto. The melancholic \nensemble harmony of clarinet and \nflugelhorn is beauti
  5. Phill Woods - Serenade in Blue (07:35)
    Harry Warren and Mack Gordon wrote \nthis one, and despite the memorable Glen \nMiller version, it continues to haunt \nmusicans and listeners with a deep blue \nmood no other song quite matches. Here, \nthe Woods' ensemble starts it off with the \nlazzy
  6. Phill Woods - Tenor of the Times (11:04)
    Joe Roccisano's original is the epitome of \nhard bop. Woods retains the up-tempo \npace, giving ample solo time to all; I find \nthe theme ensemble part, a hot session \nby all the members, very interestin.\n--Masamichi Okazaki 1986
  7. Phill Woods - Times Mirror (07:57)
    Another Harrell original. Woods' alto is full \nof nuance and greatly contributes to the \noverall mood of this beautiful ballad. Hal \nGalper's piano solo in the middle is full of \nlyrical sense.\n--Masamichi Okazaki 1986
  8. Phill Woods - Ya Know (10:57)
    Written by Joe Emley. Though the \nconcluding number on the album starts \noff with a relaxed feeling in a medium \ntempo, Woods' solo burns more and more \npassionately as it nears the end. I think \nIt's a classic example of Woods' \nimprovisation, and

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