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Various Freesound from Mactwo (2002)
Cover CD taken from April 2002 issue of Jazzwise magazine (UK)\n\n"Mactwo Distribution is the UK's most forward looking music distributor. It represents some of the most creative international and UK labels including Dreyfus, Enja, Feral Palmetto, Provocateur, Soundcircus, and Thirsty Ear amongst many others. Jazz has become a truly international language. Taking root in countries as far apart as teh Lebanon and the United States of America, it has absorbed influences from classical, world and dance music as well as its own vibrant history to create an exciting, constantly evolving style. From May mactwo:sound will be presenting jazz, world and classical influenced music live, through tours, London promotions and mini-festivals. "\n\nwww.mactwo.net
This jazz cd contains 13 tracks and runs 67min 59sec.
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  1. Ben Allison - Riding The Nuclear Tiger (05:24)
  2. Andy Sheppard - Ai Ai Ai (05:11)
  3. Iain Ballamy - Freebonky (03:13)
  4. Tim Berne - Huevos (06:31)
  5. Dhafer Youssef - Yabay (03:18)
  6. Rabih Abou-Khall - Oum Said (10:39)
  7. Guillermo E. Brown - Manganese (05:09)
  8. Joanna MacGregor - Dance It (02:50)
  9. Matt Shipp - Space Shipp (03:22)
  10. Maria Pia De Vito - Nel Respiro (03:13)
  11. Jean-Michel Pilc - Welcome Home (05:34)
  12. Gilad Atzmon - Paradiso Nostalgico (02:40)
  13. Guy Barker - Underdogs (10:47)

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