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Ballin' the Jack The Big Head (2001)
Frank London: trumpet & mutes\nCurtis Hasselbring: trombone & mutes\nMatt Darriau: alto sax, tenor sax, clarinet, other noises\nAndy Laster: baritone sax, clarinet\nBen Sher: Wurlitzer electronic piano (track 11), guitars\nJoe Fitzgerald: bass\nGeorge Schuller: drums, bells\nAnthony Coleman: Hammond B3 organ (2,3,7,12)\nTranscribed, adapted or arranged by Matt Darriau (1,4,6,7,12,13,15), George Schuller (2 [based on a Clifford Jordan arrangement]), Ballin' the Jack (3,11), Ben Sher (5), Gary Fagin (7), Frank London (8,9), Andy Laster (10), and Curtis Hasselbring (14,16).\nRecorded by Peter Karl at Peter Karl Studios, Brooklyn US-NY, 2000-12-06 & 2001-01-02/03.\nMixed by Greg Anderson with Matt Darriau and George Schuller at K.F. Studios.\nMastered by Sascha Von Oertzen at K.F. Studios.\nProduced by Matt Darriau with George Schuller.\nExecutive producer: Michael Dorf\nCD: Knitting Factory Records KFW 289 (2001-03-27), UPC 035828028929.
This jazz cd contains 16 tracks and runs 65min 47sec.
Freedb: ee0f6910


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  1. Ballin' the Jack - Jubilee Stomp (03:54)
    (Duke Ellington)\narr. Matt Darriau
  2. Ballin' the Jack - Dick's Holler (07:07)
    (Leadbelly)\nAdapted by George Schuller from an arrangement by Clifford Jordan.
  3. Ballin' the Jack - Seven Come Eleven (01:23)
    (Benny Goodman/Charlie Christian)\narr. Ballin' the Jack\nsubtitled here: Swing Moment #1
  4. Ballin' the Jack - Tapped Out (07:34)
    (Matt Darriau)
  5. Ballin' the Jack - L'Esprit Django (02:10)
    (Ben Sher)\nsubtitled here: Swing Moment #2
  6. Ballin' the Jack - The Big Head (05:15)
    (Coleman Hawkins)\narr. Matt Darriau
  7. Ballin' the Jack - Fugueaditty (04:04)
    (Duke Ellington)\narr. Matt Darriau & Gary Fagin
  8. Ballin' the Jack - Noche Loisada (04:40)
    (Frank London)
  9. Ballin' the Jack - Daydream (02:28)
    (Billy Strayhorn/Duke Ellington/John Latouche)\narr. Frank London\nsubtitled here: Swing Moment #3
  10. Ballin' the Jack - Smokefish (02:17)
    (Andy Laster)\nsubtitled here: Swing Moment #4
  11. Ballin' the Jack - Moonlight Serenade (03:12)
    (Glenn Miller/Mitchell Parish)\narr. Ballin' the Jack\nsubtitled here: Swing Moment #5
  12. Ballin' the Jack - Jug (Dexter Digs In) (05:15)
    (Gene Ammons)\narr. Matt Darriau
  13. Ballin' the Jack - Creole Love Call (05:08)
    (Duke Ellington)\narr. Matt Darriau
  14. Ballin' the Jack - Betaville (06:51)
    (Curtis Hasselbring)
  15. Ballin' the Jack - Mood Indgo, Pt. 2 (02:56)
    (Duke Ellington/Irving Mills/Barney Bigard)\narr. Matt Darriau\nsubtitled here: Swing Moment #6
  16. Ballin' the Jack - I'm Getting Sentimental over You (01:22)
    (George Bassman/Ned Washington)\nPerformed & created by Curtis Hasselbring.\nsubtitled here: Swing Moment #7

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