Miles Davis: What I Say? (Vol. 1) CD Track Listing

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Miles Davis What I Say? (Vol. 1) (1971)
Live in Wien (A) - Wiener Konzerthaus\nFriday, November 5, 1971\n\nMILES DAVIS (trumpet, trumpet w. wha-wha)\nGARY BARTZ (alto sax, soprano sax)\nKEITH JARRETT (electric piano, organ)\nMIKE HENDERSON (electric bass)\nLEON CHANCLER (drums)\nDON ALIAS (congas)\nJAMES "MTUME" FOREMAN (percussion)\n\t\t
This jazz cd contains 5 tracks and runs 66min 11sec.
Freedb: 360f8105


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  1. Miles Davis - Directions (Joe Zawinul) (15:31)
  2. Miles Davis - Honky tonk (Miles Davis) (13:18)
  3. Miles Davis - What I say (Miles Davis) (16:20)
  4. Miles Davis - Sanctuary (Miles Davis - Wayne Shorter) (03:21)
  5. Miles Davis - It's about that time (Miles Davis) (17:38)

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