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Vince Guaraldi Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus (Gold CD) (1962)
Originally released 1962\nStandard CD - Fantasy OJCCD-437-2 (F-8089) Released July 1, 1991\nDCC Gold CD Edition Released September 1993\nAnalogue Productions SACD Released September 10, 2002\n24-bit K2 Remastered Version (Fantasy Records) Released April 2003\n\nVince Guaraldi, piano - Monty Budwig, bass - Colin Bailey, drums\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: Here is Vince Guaraldi's breakthrough album -- musically, commercially, in every which way. After numerous records as a leader or sideman, for the first time a recognizable Guaraldi piano style emerges, with whimsical phrasing all his own, a madly swinging right hand and occasional boogie-influenced left hand, and a distinctive, throat-catching, melodic improvisational gift. The first half of the CD is taken up by cover versions of tunes from the Antonio Carlos Jobim/Luiz Bonfa score for the film Black Orpheus, recorded just as bossa nova was taking hold in America. These are genuinely jazz-oriented impressions in a mainstream boppish manner, with only a breath of samba from Monty Budwig (bass) and Colin Bailey (drums) in the opening minute of "Samba de Orpheus"; an edited version of this haunting song was issued as a 45 rpm single. But DJs soon began flipping the single over to play the B-side, a wistful, unforgettably catchy Guaraldi tune called "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" that opens the North American half of the album. The tune became a surprise hit; Fantasy redesigned the cover to call attention to it, and Vince was on his way to fame as one of Latin and mainstream jazz's most irresistible composers. The whole album evokes the ambience of San Francisco's jazz life in the 1960s as few others do -- and such is this record's appeal that even non-jazz and non-Latin music people have been grooving to this music ever since it came out. -- Richard S. Ginell\n\nAmazon.com Editorial Review\nAmong the early '60s wave of American jazzmen entranced by Brazilian music, none proved more ebullient than pianist Vince Guaraldi, whose homage to a 1959 film retelling the Orpheus myth as an underclass Rio de Janeiro romance proved a sleeper hit. With Guaraldi's fleet, always rhythmic piano driving these concise trio settings, Black Orpheus remains a seductive delight, probing the then-exotic push and pull of samba with glee, but leaving ample room for more contemplative ballads that remain deeply affecting more than three decades after the album's release. Luis Bonfa's and Antonio Carlos Jobim's music was the seed for the project, yielding a percolating "Samba de Orpheus" and the haunting ballad, "Manha de Carnaval," but the album's best-known performance remains Guaraldi's own wistful and swinging "Cast Your Fate to the Wind." A surprise single hit in 1965, the song would later receive a more expansive pop cover, but it's Guaraldi's original that remains the superior performance--a wordless romantic reverie that speaks volumes in Guaraldi's tender verses, muscular choruses, and romping bridge. --Sam Sutherland \n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nDon't miss it!, October 28, 2002 \nReviewer: Rick Lindholtz from Houston TX \nI was 9 years old when the first Peanuts TV show aired, but I immediately recognized the piano work of my favorite jazz artist, Vince G. Not bad for a little kid, huh? I knew his music because my brother, 9 years older, had a copy of "Black Orpheus". It was a semi-clear red LP. As a child I loved listening to it. In Junior High I bought the LP for myself - made of boring black vinyl, not the cool red one Tom had owned - and I wore it out and bought a second copy in college. Then my wife bought the CD for me in 1986, and a new richness to the recording emerged. This remains, some 40 years after I first heard it, one of my very favorite recordings. As another writer said, if you enjoy enjoy the infectious music Vince recorded for the Peanuts specials, this CD will sound like an old friend. \n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nFor The True Jazz Affecianado, July 4, 2000 \nReviewer: Eddie Landsberg from Philadelphia, PA USA \nAs a Jazz musician, often I'm forced to play certain tunes from the Bossa Wave to the point that they might have been cute and catchy the first million times I heard them, but after a while, its like enough is enough. Then, a cat like Horace Silver or Herbie Hancock might come along, and show you what a bad cat Jobim really was. - - "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" falls in that catagory. Its not really a bossa album per se. Jobim was a brilliant melodist. If you ever have a chance, rent Black Orpheus and that catchy rhythmic melody from Samba De Orpheus will probably be rattling around your head for atleast a month. - - Vince G. takes those melodies and swings out with a slick soul Jazz edge - - Despite the fact that its straight ahead trio Jazz, the title song launched the album straight up the pop charts for almost a half a year. Vince Guaraldi may not come to mind when names like Ramsey Lewis and Cannonball Adderly are brought to mind, but this is a definitely a heavy swinging Jazz combo and well worth getting if you dig that sound. Incidently, you'll probably recognize the haunting Manha De Carnaval as the tune better known now as Black Orpheus, and with Guaraldi's commanding playing, backed by Monty Budwig on bass and Colin Bailey on drums, its definitely one of the best versions I've heard to date.)\n\nHalf.com Album Credits\nHank McGill, Engineer\n\nAlbum Notes\nPersonnel: Vince Guaraldi (piano), Monte Budwig (bass), Colin Bailey (drums).\n\nRecorded at Station KQED, San Francisco, California in February 1962. "Moon River" and "Since I Fell For You" recorded in November 1961. Originally released on Fantasy (3337 mono) (8089 stereo). Includes original liner notes by Ralph J. Gleason\n\nJazz Times (05/01/2003)\n...Guaraldi had a gift for finding percussive melodic hooks that are still likable, 40 years on...
This jazz cd contains 8 tracks and runs 39min 27sec.
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  1. Vince Guaraldi - Samba De Orfeo (05:52)
  2. Vince Guaraldi - Manh
  3. Vince Guaraldi - O Nosso Amor (Our Love) (04:55)
  4. Vince Guaraldi - G
  5. Vince Guaraldi - Cast Your Fate to the Wind (03:10)
  6. Vince Guaraldi - Moon River (05:23)
  7. Vince Guaraldi - Alma-Ville (05:03)
  8. Vince Guaraldi - Since I Fell For You (04:21)

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