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Renee Geyer Sweet Life
Renee Geyer is possibly the most respected female singer in Australia. She first appeared as one of the first artists on the Mushroom label in the 70's and has devoted years to experimenting in all forms of popular music. She is now considered an incomparable singer, the ultimate interpreter of song. It is no surprise to learn that the minute the word got out, that she was planning to record a new album, many of Australia's top musicians and songwriters wanted to offer their services. Joe Camilleri (The Black Sorrows) has co-produced this album with Paul Kelly, who also contributed some songs.\n
This jazz cd contains 11 tracks and runs 48min 26sec.
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  1. Renee Geyer - Best Times (04:45)
  2. Renee Geyer - Heaven (The Closet Il Get) (04:46)
  3. Renee Geyer - You Broke A Beautiful Thing (05:18)
  4. Renee Geyer - Im Gonna Make You Love Me (03:22)
  5. Renee Geyer - From Now On (04:28)
  6. Renee Geyer - Play Me (04:15)
  7. Renee Geyer - Knowing You Were Loved (04:30)
  8. Renee Geyer - Cake And The Candle (04:13)
  9. Renee Geyer - Dont Be So Sad (04:50)
  10. Renee Geyer - Killer Lover (04:27)
  11. Renee Geyer - My Back Room (03:24)

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