Ronnie Cuber: Passion Fruit CD Track Listing

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Ronnie Cuber Passion Fruit
Submitted By WinSkol\nRecorded March 1, 1985\nProJazz CDJ 616\n\nRonnie Cuber, Baritone Sax\nGeorge Benson, Guitar\nGeorge Wadenius, Guitar\nRichard Tee, Electric Piano\nBod Mounsey, Synthesizer\nWill Lee, Bass\nDave Wecki, Drums\nSammy Figueroa, Percussion\nManolo Badrena, Percussion
This jazz cd contains 6 tracks and runs 38min 36sec.
Freedb: 49090a06


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  1. Ronnie Cuber - Passion Fruit (07:04)
    Ronnie Cuber
  2. Ronnie Cuber - You Promised To Be True (05:26)
    D. Matthews
  3. Ronnie Cuber - What It Is (07:09)
    D. Matthews
  4. Ronnie Cuber - Love Notes (07:20)
    Ronnie Cuber
  5. Ronnie Cuber - Come Dance With Me (06:01)
    D. Matthews
  6. Ronnie Cuber - It's Only In Your Mind (05:31)
    D. Matthews

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