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Dave Douglas Charms Of The Night Sky (1997)
Charms of the Night Sky is a most difficult project to describe. The orchestration suggests a tango band, klezmer group or Balkan solo-fest. Charms is none of these. Perhaps it is the best example yet of Dave's attempt to create a new sound from among the remains of old ones. The high level of craft brought to the table by each of these fine musicians makes for a very elegant approach to new music. Guy Klucevsek, an accordion superstar in his own right, is featured as a seasoned and sensitive composer and performer.\n\nDave Douglas: trumpet\nGuy Klucevsek: accordion\nMark Feldman: violin\nGreg Cohen: acoustic bass\nRecorded at Avatar Studios, NYC, 1997\nRecorded & mixed by Joe Ferla\nDesign: stephenbyram\n
This jazz cd contains 13 tracks and runs 55min 21sec.
Freedb: d20cf70d


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  1. Dave Douglas - Charms Of The Night Sky (07:30)
  2. Dave Douglas - Bal Masque
  3. Dave Douglas - Sea Change (05:17)
  4. Dave Douglas - Facing West (04:21)
  5. Dave Douglas - Dance In Thy Soul (For Charlie Haden) (08:04)
  6. Dave Douglas - Little One (04:10)
  7. Dave Douglas - Mug Shots: Wild Coffee (01:14)
  8. Dave Douglas - Mug Shots: The Girl With The Rose Hips (02:50)
  9. Dave Douglas - Mug Shots: Decafinata (02:26)
  10. Dave Douglas - Poveri Fiori (02:41)
  11. Dave Douglas - Odyssey (06:27)
  12. Dave Douglas - Twisted (03:36)
  13. Dave Douglas - Codetta (02:48)

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