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Paul Hardcastle Jazzmasters III (2000)
LABEL = Hardcastle Records\nID = 64494-90506-2\nUPC = 329425070000\nCOPYRIGHT = 1999\n---\nRelease date: 06/01/1999 \nOriginal release date: 1999\nLabel: Push Records\nProducer: Paul Hardcastle\nStudio\nPieces in Set:1\nCatalog#: 90506\nDistributor: BMG\nDesc: Performer\n\n\n\n NOTES \n\nDate: June 1, 1999\nLabel: BMG/PUSH \nGenre: JAZZ \nCategory: Jazz \n\nFEAT. HELEN RODGERS\n \n \n CREDITS \n \n \nProduction Credits \nPaulHardcastle : Main Performer\n \nJazzmasters III \nArtist Paul Hardcastle \nAlbum Title Jazzmasters III \nDate of Release Jun 1 , 1999 (approx.) inprint \nAMG Rating (Best-of-Artist) \nGenre Jazz \nStyles Crossover Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, New Wave, Fusion, Electronic, Dance-Pop\n\n By the timePaul Hardcastle and vocalist Helen Rodgers released Jazzmasters III in the summerof 1999, their blend of fusion, jazz, pop, new ageand worldbeathad become well-known in contemporary jazz. At this stage in their career, most smooth jazz musicians become complacent, and it'sto Hardcastle'scredit that he pushes forward. Not that Jazzmasters III will sound different or unusual to any fan of the first two albums -- it stillhas the signature Jazzmaster sound. Nevertheless, there are subtle differences, such as the instrumentals getting spacier and the vocal numbers being strongshowcases forRodgers. As such, this is the richest and arguably best Jazzmasters yet. -- Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide YEAR: 2000
This jazz cd contains 13 tracks and runs 55min 22sec.
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  1. Paul Hardcastle - London In Springtime (03:55)
  2. Paul Hardcastle - Lost In Space (04:57)
  3. Paul Hardcastle - Ventura Highway (03:59)
  4. Paul Hardcastle - Nightcrawler (04:41)
  5. Paul Hardcastle - Don't Let It Get You Down (05:09)
  6. Paul Hardcastle - Starchild (03:40)
  7. Paul Hardcastle - Dreams (04:13)
  8. Paul Hardcastle - Trippin' Rhythm (03:48)
  9. Paul Hardcastle - New Dawn (03:27)
  10. Paul Hardcastle - Down So Low (05:06)
  11. Paul Hardcastle - Red Zone (03:46)
  12. Paul Hardcastle - Still Thinking (04:20)
  13. Paul Hardcastle - London Chimes (04:13)

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