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Jeff Siegel Magical Spaces (2005)
Review by Scott Yanow \nDuring the first few selections on Magical Spaces, it is difficult not to be reminded of \nthe classic John Coltrane Quartet. Tenor saxophonist Erica Lindsay emulates Coltrane in \nspots and pianist Francesca Tanksley could pass for a dead ringer for McCoy Tyner \n(check him out on "Threads"). However drummer Jeff "Siege" Siegel's compositions are colorful \nand original, not having any major debt to an obvious predecessor. Some of the songs, if heard \nby other musicians, could possibly become future standards. This set flows logically from one \nselection to another, having brief transitions in a couple of drum solos \n("Opening Statement" and the concluding "Postcard to Arthur Rhames") and a percussion duet ("Peaceful") \nalong with a change of pace in Tim Strong's vocal on "Peaceful," which hints at Leon Thomas (without his yodeling). \nWhile the sounds of Lindsay and Tanksley are a little derivative, they are enjoyable, but it is for \nthe compositions of Siegel and the appealing group sound that \nMagical Spaces is most highly recommended. \n \n
This jazz cd contains 14 tracks and runs 78min 27sec.
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  1. Jeff Siegel - Graz Is Greener on the Other Side (05:52)
  2. Jeff Siegel - Blue Heart (07:14)
  3. Jeff Siegel - A Flower for Diane (06:36)
  4. Jeff Siegel - Opening Statement (02:43)
  5. Jeff Siegel - Threads (07:07)
  6. Jeff Siegel - M Song (05:49)
  7. Jeff Siegel - Peaceful (06:10)
  8. Jeff Siegel - Magical Spaces (07:39)
  9. Jeff Siegel - Mourning for Kevin O'Connor (04:47)
  10. Jeff Siegel - Twilight (02:31)
  11. Jeff Siegel - Africa (05:59)
  12. Jeff Siegel - Lenny (06:47)
  13. Jeff Siegel - Sir Roland (05:27)
  14. Jeff Siegel - Postcard to Arthur Rhames (03:35)

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