Grant Green: Green Is Beautiful CD Track Listing

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Grant Green Green Is Beautiful (1970)
Blue Mitchell (tp), Claude Bartee (ts), Emanuel Riggins (org),\r\nEarl Neal Creque (org on 4 only), Grant Green (gt), Jimmy Lewis (el-b),\r\nIdris Mushammad (dm), Candido Camero (cga), Richard Lendrum (bgo), \r\nrec. by Rudy van Gelder, Jan 30, 1970 / BLUE NOTE\r\nBST-84342 / submitted by uloeh@aol.com
This jazz cd contains 5 tracks and runs 37min 37sec.
Freedb: 3608cf05


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  1. Grant Green - Ain
  2. Grant Green - A Day In The Life (09:02)
  3. Grant Green - The Windjammer (05:42)
  4. Grant Green - I
  5. Grant Green - Dracula (06:04)

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