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John McLaughlin The Promise (1995)
Jazz Heritage Society Release 1995\n-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\nJohn McLaughlin shoots out in many different directions during thisvery diverse release. He trades \noff with fellow guitarist JeffBeck on "Django," jams hisown "Thelonious Melodius" in a trio with \norganist Joey DeFrancescoand drummer Dennis Chambers, hasa duet with DeFrancesco (who \nswitches to trumpet) on "No Return," stretches out with tenor great Michael Brecker on the \n14 1/2-minute "Jazz Jungle," collaborates on acousticguitar with PacoDe Lucia and Al DiMeola, \nplays Indian music with Zakir Hussainand Trilok Gurtu, and interacts with altoist David Sanborn \n- among others. A good introduction to latter-day John McLaughlin, this colorful set has plenty of \nsurprises. \n-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This jazz cd contains 11 tracks and runs 73min 41sec.
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  1. John McLaughlin - Django (07:23)
  2. John McLaughlin - Thelonius Melodius (05:21)
  3. John McLaughlin - Amy And Joseph (02:28)
  4. John McLaughlin - No Return (07:20)
  5. John McLaughlin - El Ciego (09:10)
  6. John McLaughlin - Jazz Jungle (14:45)
  7. John McLaughlin - The Wish (08:39)
  8. John McLaughlin - English Jam (01:12)
  9. John McLaughlin - Tokyo Decadence (00:39)
  10. John McLaughlin - Shin Jin Rui (10:46)
  11. John McLaughlin - The Peacocks (05:51)

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