Miles Davis: San Juan Winter Night (disc1) CD Track Listing

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Miles Davis San Juan Winter Night (disc1) (1990)
Miles Davis\ttrumpet, keyboards\nKenny Garrett\talto saxophone, flute\nFoley\t\tlead bass\nKei Akagi\t\tsynthesizer\nBenny Rietveld\telectric bass\nRicky Wellman\tdrums\nJohn Bigham\tpercussion\n\nRecorded live at The Coach House, San Juan, Capistrano, CA, USA on February 23rd, 1990
This jazz cd contains 6 tracks and runs 60min 42sec.
Freedb: 600e3806


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  1. Miles Davis - Perfect Way (04:57)
    cut in
  2. Miles Davis - Star People (15:28)
  3. Miles Davis - Hannibal (09:18)
  4. Miles Davis - The Senate~Me and You (11:45)
  5. Miles Davis - Human Nature (13:14)
  6. Miles Davis - In the Night (05:54)

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