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Heart The Road Home (1995)
Originally Released August 29, 1995 \n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: On The Road Home, Heart re-records some of their biggest hits acoustically live in concert. It's interesting to hear these arena rock and AOR standards -- including "Barracuda," "Crazy on You," "Dreamboat Annie," and "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You" -- recast as intimate numbers; Heart manages to find new layers in all of these warhorses, partially due to the sublime production of John Paul Jones. The result is Heart's best album in years -- the old material sounds more alive than anything they have written in a decade. -- Stephen Thomas Erlewine\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nAnn and Nancy Go Acoustic, October 9, 2006\nReviewer: Music Lover (Rhode Island, USA)\n"The Road Home" is one of Heart's best albums (and that's saying something). Recorded live in a small Seattle club, this CD leaves behind the big production and shiny sheen that dominated their music for most of the 1980's. What's here is really what makes Ann and Nancy Wilson so powerful - - acoustic arrangements and Ann's amazing voice. John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin did the arranging and producing - a great homage since the Wilson's have been very vocal about their love of Led Zep over the years. All the Heart originals here are just great and it's eye-opening to hear them played stripped down. Like another reviewer, I never liked "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You" (really guys, what were you thinking when you originally recorded this for the Brigade album??) and was surprised to see that it was included here. This version is much better than the original, but the song is just lame (dumb lyrics). Of the covers, the best is Joni Mitchell's "River". I love Joni's version, but Ann makes this her own. Any Heart fan should own this album - and any fan of acoustic/folk rock should too. \n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nHeart still rocks, plugged or unplugged!, August 19, 2001\nReviewer: Jason Fabbri (Victoria, Australia)\nBeing a longtime Heart fan, the idea of an acoustic album really took my interest. Especially as one can easily bookshelf them as either an 80's "hair band" or as a really heavy 70's arena rock band. The core (heart) of Heart is truly the talent of Ann and Nancy Wilson, and the acoustic setting for this album truly shows how their voices have improved with time, not needing to be hidden behind 80's production values or overly loud guitars.\n\nThe main highlights of the album are the songs that are starkly different from their studio counterparts, especially their 80's stuff. "All I Wanna Do" is performed at a much slower pace, telling the story much more effectively, and giving the song a new lease of life. "These Dreams" is even more enchanting, once again performed a tad slower, giving each ethereal line of the song just that little bit more resonance. "Alone" is "so 1987" and to hear it stripped down like it is here, really sheds new light on the song.\n\n"Barracuda" still rocks, plugged or unplugged!\n\nFinally, the sound quality of this album is superb, audiophiles will have NOTHING to complain about. Crisp, clean guitar sounds....wonderful bass....Obviously they took great care in making this release sound great!\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\namazing, May 16, 2000\nReviewer: A music fan\nAnyone who is familiar with the tremendous musical talent of the Wilson sisters should not be surprised that they can pull off this reworking of their songs so well. But listening to this CD is still an amazing experience. You will definitely have a deeper appreciation for Ann's powerful voice.\nThe new arrangements are stunning. Classical performers on some of the songs fit very well with the music. I thought the oboe complimented the flute nicely in one of the songs.\n\nBest songs are "Alone," "These Dreams," "All I Want To Do..." They still keep their harder edge on songs like "Barracuda." Everything is just spectacular. The only song that didn't do anything for me was "Love Hurts." Don't know why, but it just didn't seem to fit. Funny story about that one in the liner notes, though.\n\nThere's an interview with the sisters in the liner notes that talks about the story behind a lot of the songs and how the whole acoustic thing came about, and how John Paul Jones came to be producer.\n\nTotal time is 75 minutes, and every moment is pure bliss. The first time I put it on, I put the CD player on repeat and turned the lights out and let the music carry me wherever.\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nAbsolutely, totally, stunning. This is THE ONE., August 11, 1999\nReviewer: Dr. Kyle E. Kneisl (Maryland)\nI was very skeptical about picking up a "live" CD. I have been terribly disappointed by such things in the past. But let me tell you something, this arrangement of "Alone" will bring you to your knees. Absolutely stunning. The studio version (which itself is one of Heart's best tracks) does not even TOUCH this absolutely heart-wrenching exquisite acoustic arrangement of "Alone". And don't even get me started on how SUPERIOR "Sylvan Song/Dream of the Archer" sounds with all these great mandolins, including John Paul Jones (from Zeppelin) lending a hand. This is the "One" from Heart. Really--straight to your knees when you hear Ann Wilson crank out "Alone" on this. Heart fans will just cry with joy when they hear these tracks, and the less zealous fan will certainly be converted immediately. This is what it's all about. I can't give this CD enough stars. And my God, when the fans applaud, you can HEAR that this is a mature audience COMPLETELY floored by these arrangements. AMAZING. I practically cry that I wasn't there. Buy this CD *right now*.\n\nHalf.com Details \nContributing artists: Fernando Saunders, John Paul Jones \nProducer: John Paul Jones \n\nAlbum Notes\nPersonnel: Ann Wilson (vocals, guitar, flute); Nancy Wilson (vocals, guitar, mandolin); Howard Leese (guitar, mandolin, accordion, keyboards, background vocals); John Paul Jones (mandolin, piano, bass); Fernando Saunders (bass, background vocals); Denny Fongheiser (drums, percussion); Kristen Barry (background vocals).\nSeattle Symphony: Gennady Filimonov, Leonid Keylin (violin); Vincent Comer (viola); David Tonkonogui (cello); John DeJarnatt (oboe, English horn).\nLondon Metropolitan String Quartet: Roger Bolton (conductor); Rosemary Furniss, David Ogden (violin); Andrew Brown (viola); Caroline Dale (cello); John Anderson (oboe).\nRecorded live at The Backstage, Seattle, Washington on August 12-16, 1994. Includes liner notes by Michael Vinson and an interview with Ann and Nancy Wilson.\nWhile Heart is known by many as a hard rock band, due to such hits as "Barracuda," "Crazy on You," and "Magic Man," they have always included gorgeous acoustic-based ballads on their albums. So longtime fans were not shocked in the least when the Wilson sisters issued an all-acoustic album, 1995's THE ROAD HOME, featuring stripped-down versions of their earlier hits. Ann Wilson has proven her exceptional vocal ability--she's easily one of the best in rock--time and time again throughout her career and her talents are on display throughout THE ROAD HOME, as her voice carries such unplugged gems as "Dreamboat Annie," "Dog and Butterfly," "Alone," and "These Dreams."\n\nIndustry Reviews\n3 Stars - Good - ...it's the most rewarding Heart album in years...\nQ (12/01/1995)
This jazz cd contains 15 tracks and runs 74min 37sec.
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  1. Heart - Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child) (04:02)
  2. Heart - Dog And Butterfly (06:10)
  3. Heart - (Up On) Cherry Blossom Road (05:06)
  4. Heart - Back To Avalon (04:07)
  5. Heart - Alone (04:50)
  6. Heart - These Dreams (05:26)
  7. Heart - Love Hurts (04:55)
    Cover of Nazareth
  8. Heart - Straight On (05:19)
  9. Heart - All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You (06:29)
  10. Heart - Crazy On You (05:24)
  11. Heart - Seasons (03:39)
  12. Heart - River (03:44)
    Cover of Joni Mitchell
  13. Heart - Barracuda (04:54)
  14. Heart - Dream Of The Archer (05:49)
  15. Heart - The Road Home (04:34)
    "Bonus" track

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