Henry Threadgill: Easily Slip Into Another World CD Track Listing

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Henry Threadgill Easily Slip Into Another World
1988 Novus/BMG/RCA 3025-2-N\n\nHenry Threadgill -alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet, and arranger\nRasul Siddik -trumpet\nFrank Lacy -trombone, french horn, flugelhorn\nDiedre Murray -cello\nFred Hopkins -bass\nPheeroan Aklaff -drums\nReggie Nicholson -drums\nAisha Putli -vocal on #5\n
This jazz cd contains 7 tracks and runs 47min 0sec.
Freedb: 540b0207


: Music



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  1. Henry Threadgill - I Can't Wait To Get Home (04:08)
  2. Henry Threadgill - Black Hands Bejewelled (07:05)
  3. Henry Threadgill - Spotted Dick is Pudding (09:00)
  4. Henry Threadgill - Let Me Look Down Your Throat or Say Ah (07:15)
  5. Henry Threadgill - My Rock (08:12)
  6. Henry Threadgill - Hall (04:15)
    Dedicated to Muhal Richard Abrams\n
  7. Henry Threadgill - Award The Squadtett (07:00)

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