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June Christy Gone For The Day + June, Fair and Warmer! (1957)
''Gone For The Day'' LP (Tracks 01-12) Originally Released 1957\n''Fair And Warmer!'' LP (Tracks 13-24) Originally Released 1957\nCD Edition Released August 25, 1998\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: (Gone For The Day) The dozen songs on this June Christy album mostly have to do with having a peaceful life, taking time off and enjoying the weather; highlights include "It's So Peaceful in the Country," "When the Sun Comes Out," "Love Turns Winter to Spring," "Lazy Afternoon," "Give Me the Simple Life" and Eddie Miller's "Lazy Mood." Pete Rugolo contributed the arrangements and used three separate groups on four songs apiece. Christy is accompanied either by a sextet with strings that includes flutist Bud Shank and John Cave's Frech horn, a tentet with five trombones or a septet with flutist Bud Shank and Bob Cooper's tenor plus strings. The results in all cases are quite enjoyable.~ Scott Yanow\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: (Fair And Warmer) This out-of-print Capitol LP, one of many that June Christy cut during the 1950s, features her soft but swinging vocals accompanied by a 12-piece group arranged by Pete Rugolo. While the backup musicians include trumpeter Don Fagerquist, trombonist Frank Rosolino, altoist Bud Shank and tenor saxophonist Bob Cooper (all of whom are unidentified in the very brief liner notes), the cool-toned singer is the main star. Highlights include a definitive "I Want to Be Happy," "Imagination," "When Sunny Gets Blue" and "It's Always You." All of June Christy's Capitol dates are well worth picking up. ~ Scott Yanow\n\nAmazon.com Editorial Review\nJune Christy's bid to shake some of the frost off her image resulted in these two late-'50s albums. Although the ostensible theme of Gone for the Day is a visit to the outdoors with a lover, the occasional jarring note drops--witness the knowing orchestral dissonance on "It's So Peaceful in the Country" and the nod to Christy's bittersweet signature song, "Something Cool," on "When the World Was Young." Only a glib, brassy "Give Me the Simple Life" seems out of place. Fair and Warmer starts on a similar note with "I Want to Be Happy" but soon settles down. Christy's melody-bending performance renders the Jimmy Van Heusen/Johnny Burke "Imagination"'s suggestions of sex as melancholy as Gone's high points, while she takes charge of the situation on Irving Berlin's "Best Thing for You." This disc finds Christy striking close to greatness on a pair of complementary records from an era when the LP was finding its way as a conceptual tool. --Rickey Wright \n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nSoft, cool, romantic jazz, July 30, 2002 \nReviewer: P D Harris "Pete the music and horse racing fan" (Leicester England) - See all my reviews \n \nThe late, great, June Christy was the ultimate stylist. June had her limitations, but worked within them to great effect. She was at her best on the soft, romantic numbers, but she was well capable of picking up the tempo when required. June always allowed her musicians their share of the glory - there are nice instrumental breaks here and there, but ultimately it is June's voice that is important.\n\nThese albums do not represent June's artistic peak (The Misty Miss Christy and Something Cool are generally regarded as her two best, though opinions are divided between them) but the two albums which make up this CD are of an extremely high quality. Most singers never come close to recording albums of this quality, never mind those other two.\n\nWhat you have here (as the two titles suggest) are two albums which are inspired by, and ideal as a background for, those warm summer nights - but you can play them at other times of the year when you want to dream about summer.\n\nIf you are already familiar with June's music, this twofer will make a wonderful addition to your collection. If not, this is a great place to start - but whether you start here, or with another of June's albums, you may end up buying several of June's albums, just as I did, and you'll wonder why it took you so long to buy that first one. \n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nThe crown jewels of June Christy's 1950s recordings!, June 1, 1999\nReviewer: A music fan\nWell, here they are: simply the two finest albums by perhaps THE finest female singer of 1950s West Coast jazz, June Christy. "Gone for the Day" finds Christy musing on the simple pleasures of country walks, lazy afternoons, and the peaceful countryside. This unusual concept for an album provides Christy with exquisite material for her fully mature voice -- a husky mixture of girl-next-door cheerfulness tempered by a winsome melancholy -- as well as for master arranger Pete Rugolo's imaginative accompaniments. "Fair and Warmer" starts off bouncy and delightful, and slowly mellows into a heartfelt loveletter.\nBring the two great albums (on one CD) by June Christy into your home, and you'll listen to them over and over by the hour.\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nglad to see it's out on cd, August 25, 1998\nReviewer: A music fan\nWhen I was growing up in Italy, I came across a vinyl copy of "gone for the day" and it quickly became an all time favorite. The singing, the arrangements, and above all the wonderful selection of songs make this a remarkable recording. I notice that the cd reissue contains additional bonus tracks, but even at full price I would gladly have purchased it. Having said that, I can only imagine what new wonders are in store once I can actually find the cd in stores!\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nJune Aglow, October 2, 1999\nReviewer: A music fan\nHow thrilling to witness the rediscovery of June Christy by new audiences. When these two LPS first appeared we grabbed 'em and played 'em and heard 'em on the radio and talked about them. They are so great and "Gone For The Day" remains one of the most creatively conceived albums ever. Pete Rugolo's arrangements are singular and June is joyous. "Gone for the Day" originally was to have been titled "Interlude" and that track will knock your socks off. June herself liked "When The Sun Comes Out" and the Four Freshmen picked up on "Love Turns Winter To Spring." A joyous collection.\n\n
This jazz cd contains 24 tracks and runs 69min 21sec.
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  1. June Christy - It's So Peaceful In The Country (04:22)
  2. June Christy - When The Sun Comes Out (03:11)
  3. June Christy - It's A Most Unusual Day (02:23)
  4. June Christy - Interlude (04:44)
  5. June Christy - Love Turns Winter To Spring (03:32)
  6. June Christy - When You Awake (02:29)
  7. June Christy - Lazy Afternoon (03:18)
  8. June Christy - When The World Was Young (04:38)
  9. June Christy - Gone For The Day (02:03)
  10. June Christy - Lost In A Summer Night (04:13)
  11. June Christy - Give Me The Simple Life (02:17)
  12. June Christy - (Love's Got Me In A) Lazy Mood (02:30)
  13. June Christy - I Want To Be Happy (01:23)
  14. June Christy - Imagination (03:17)
  15. June Christy - I've Never Been In Love Before (01:52)
  16. June Christy - Irresistible You (02:40)
  17. June Christy - No More (03:02)
  18. June Christy - Better Luck Next Time (01:44)
  19. June Christy - Let There Be Love (01:55)
  20. June Christy - When Sunny Gets Blue (02:59)
  21. June Christy - The Best Thing For You (02:17)
  22. June Christy - Beware My Heart (03:14)
  23. June Christy - I Know Why (And So Do You) (02:13)
  24. June Christy - It's Always You (02:52)

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