Miles Davis: Betty Goes To Stockholm (disc2) CD Track Listing

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Miles Davis Betty Goes To Stockholm (disc2) (1982)
Miles Davis\ttrumpet, keyboards\nBill Evans\t\tsoprano & tenor saxophone, flute, electric piano\nMike Stern\telectric guitar\nMarcus Miller\telectric bass\nAl Foster\t\tdrums\nMino Cinelu\tpercussion\n\nRecorded live at Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden on April 13th, 1982
This jazz cd contains 3 tracks and runs 36min 8sec.
Freedb: 17087603


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  1. Miles Davis - Ife (15:29)
  2. Miles Davis - Fat Time (09:31)
  3. Miles Davis - Jean Pierre (11:05)

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