Nat ''King'' Cole: The Complete After Midnight Sessions CD Track Listing

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Nat ''King'' Cole The Complete After Midnight Sessions (1957)
Originally Released 1957CD Edition Released 1987Remastered CDEdition Released June 1999Japanese Mini LP CD Edition ReleasedJuly 2001AMG EXPERT REVIEW: After several years of hearing criticism from the jazz press about his decision to break up his trio and become a pop singer, Nat "King" Cole was persuaded to record this jazz set. Joined by a strong rhythm section (including guitarist John Collins), Cole welcomed four guests for several selections apiece: altoist Willie Smith, trumpeter Harry "Sweets" Edison, violinist Stuff Smith, and valve trombonist Juan Tizol. Theperformances on this CD (which include five selections releasedfor the first time) are quite enjoyable, highlighted by "Just You, Just Me," "Sweet Lorraine," "It's Only a Paper Moon," and "Route 66." Cole did hedge his bet a bit by not recording any instrumentals or having any performances feature his trio without a guest. Despite that, this is a great set, and the last time that Nat King Cole would perform an album's worth of jazz material. -- Scott YanowAmazon.com Editorial ReviewNat "King" Cole endured more than his share of scorn and rebuke from all manner of fansand critics. He wasn't jazzy enough to satisfy many, not white enough to please the pop cultural obsession with Anglo- and Euro-American stardom. In answer to all of this, Cole simply proceeded,crooning beautifully even after he'd walked away from the pianoand become primarily a vocal sensation. This 1956 collection is famous as Cole's riposte to the critique that he wasn't jazzy. Thesession brings several Swing Era stars on board: violinist StuffSmith, trumpeter Harry "Sweets" Edison, trombonist Juan Tizol, and alto saxophonist Willie Smith. The horns and violin fronted asemistandard jazz setup of guitar, drums, and percussion, along with Cole's own considerable chops on piano. As an improviser, Cole heavily influenced a generation of ivory ticklers, including Oscar Peterson and others, and here he shows himself a stellar pianist. His runs bespeak Cole's utter perfection on the keyboard. This is a crucial document. --Andrew BartlettHalf.com Album CreditsHarry "Sweets" Edison, Contributing ArtistJuan Tizol, Contributing ArtistStuff Smith, Contributing ArtistWillie Smith, Contributing ArtistAlbum NotesPersonnel: Nat "King" Cole(vocals, piano); Willie Smith (alto saxophone); Harry "Sweets" Edison (trumpet); Juan Tizol (valve trombone); Stuff Smith (violin); John Collins (guitar); Charlie Harris (bass); Lee Young (drums); Jack Costanzo (congas, bongos).Producer: Lee Gillette.Reissue producer: Michael Cuscuna.Recorded at Capitol Studios,Los Angeles, California between August 15 & September 24, 1956.Includes liner notes by Ralph J. Gleason and Michael Cuscuna.Digitally remastered using 20-bit technology by Ron McMaster.Nat "King" Cole's music is the perfect combination of romantic charm and musical invention. Cole is renowned for his big production numbers and pop hits such as "Stardust," but he was also an accomplished and unique jazz pianist and excelled in a small-group setting.AFTER MIDNIGHT's album cover states that this is a "trio"release. However, Cole is actually paired up with his trio plus five guest soloists (saxophone, trombone, trumpet, percussion, andviolin). The dubious credits don't matter much though. This is precious music and, without a doubt, one of Cole's best records. Included here are wonderful and intimate renditions of Cole favorites "Sweet Lorraine," "(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66," and many others. Trombonist Juan Tizol performs a beautiful version of his Afro-Cuban tune "Caravan," and Cole and violinist Stuff Smith trade some hot licks on the up-tempo "I Know That You Know." For anybody looking to understand the depth and breadth of Cole's jazz roots, this disc is an excellent point of departure.
This jazz cd contains 17 tracks and runs 60min 24sec.
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  1. Nat ''King'' Cole - Just You, Just Me (03:03)
  2. Nat ''King'' Cole - Sweet Lorraine (04:38)
  3. Nat ''King'' Cole - Sometimes I'm Happy (04:10)
  4. Nat ''King'' Cole - Caravan (02:45)
  5. Nat ''King'' Cole - It's Only A Paper Moon (03:10)
  6. Nat ''King'' Cole - You're Looking At Me (04:16)
  7. Nat ''King'' Cole - Lonely One (03:47)
  8. Nat ''King'' Cole - Don't Let It Go To Your Head (03:15)
  9. Nat ''King'' Cole - I Know That You Know (02:29)
  10. Nat ''King'' Cole - Blame It On My Youth (04:13)
  11. Nat ''King'' Cole - When I Grow Too Old To Dream (03:33)
  12. Nat ''King'' Cole - Route 66 (03:44)
  13. Nat ''King'' Cole - What Is There To Say (Previously Unissued Session Outtake) (03:37)
  14. Nat ''King'' Cole - You Can Depend On Me (Previously Unissued Session Outtake) (03:55)
  15. Nat ''King'' Cole - I Was A Little Too Lonely (Previously Unissued Session Outtake) (03:02)
  16. Nat ''King'' Cole - Two Loves Have I (Previously Unissued Session Outtake) (02:47)
  17. Nat ''King'' Cole - Candy (Previously Unissued Session Outtake) (03:51)

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