Pe'z x Nate James: Live For The Groove E.P. CD Track Listing

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Pe'z x Nate James Live For The Groove E.P. (2006)
Artist: Pe'z x Nate James\nAlbum Title: Live For The Groove E.P.\nRelease Date: September 20, 2006\nLanguage: Japanese\nPublisher: Toshiba EMI\n
This jazz cd contains 3 tracks and runs 11min 22sec.
Freedb: 1702a803


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  1. Pe'z x Nate James - LIVE FOR THE GROOVE (04:21)
  2. Pe'z x Nate James - PE'Z Feat. Nate James - HARD TO HANDLE (02:32)
  3. Pe'z x Nate James - Nate James - Universal (Re-constructed by PE'Z) (04:26)

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