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The Four Freshmen The Complete Capitol Four Freshmen Fifties Sessions - Disc 07 (2000)
The Complete Capitol Four Freshmen Fifties Sessions -- Disc 7 of 9\n2000 Mosaic Records\n\nOriginally Released November 5, 2002\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: Who better than the connoisseurs at Mosaic records to properly document the legacy of pop vocal pioneers the Four Freshmen? Superior sound as well as booklets that are equally as informative as they are visually striking herald the label's long--standing commitment to quality. This nine--disc retrospective contains all 14 Four Freshmen long--players cut for Capitol records during the '50s, as well as the quartet's contributions to Stan Kenton's Popular Favourites and Road Show albums. The set commences with a five--song demo cut in New York City at the behest of Capitol in April of 1950. The remainder of discs one through three compile the singles and EPs that would eventually be reconfigured and re--released as Voices in Modern and Freshman Favourites, Vols. 1 and 2. Scattered chronologically throughout these three discs are five tracks issued only on 45, with another 17 that remained previously unissued altogether. Discs four through eight contain the concept albums that ultimately became one of the Four Freshmen's most distinctive trademarks. Each featured the quartet with an eclectic variety of musical soundscapes and accompaniments. Included are: ... And Five Trombones, ... And Five Trumpets (featuring four additional bonus tracks), ... And Five Saxes, Voices in Latin (with one additional bonus track), Voices in Love, Love Lost, ... And Five Guitars, Voices and Brass, First Affair, and The Freshman Year. The final disc showcases the Four Freshmen in two different performance environments. The first was originally issued as In Person and includes four bonus tracks. The second is the quartet's sizable contributions to Stan Kenton's Road Show album. A particular highlight is Kenton's orchestral accompaniment on "Day In, Day Out," "Angel Eyes," and "September Song." The latter is also a bonus track featuring vocalist June Christy, who shared the bill with Kenton and the Four Freshmen. The Complete Capitol Four Freshmen Fifties Sessions box set is limited to an edition of 3,500 copies and available mostly at independent CD dealers or online at ---- Lindsay Planer\n\nFrom\n\nA family affair. \n\nThis Mosaic set spans April 1950 to July 1960 and includes all the Capitol recordings of the original group formed by the Barbour Brothers and their cousin Bob Flanigan. Original member Hal Kratzsch was succeeded by Ken Errair in 1953 and then Ken Albers in 1956. It's not easy to find a replacement for someone who can hear intricate harmonies, sing the bottom note, play bass and improvise on trumpet and mellophone. It's even harder to find two in a row named Ken. \n\nWith its high musical and recording standards, Capitol Records proved the perfect label for The Four Freshmen. They weren't labelled jazz and, at the same time, they weren't discouraged from letting their jazz influences blossom. They worked with the best engineers, arrangers and musicians. They drew from the great canon of standards, but also introduced songs by Bobby Troup, Gene Roland and later the team of Ken Albers and Bill Comstock among others. They listened to the label, and the label listened to them. Both flourished. And Stan Kenton was always there looking out for them. \n\nThe first disc of this set, which begins with five previously unissued tunes from their April 14, 1950 audition session, contains all of the recordings made with Hal Kratzsch. The second and third discs contain all the "singles" session made by the second and third editions of the group (with Ken Errair and Ken Albers respectively). Many of these were collected on the LP ("Voice In Modern" and "Freshmen Favorites" Volumes One and Two), but five have appeared only on singles and 17 are previously unissued. Until 1954, all but three tunes with the Kenton band find the group alone with their own instrumental accompaniment, just as they performed live. Thereafter, arrangers Nelson Riddle, Dennis Farnon, Bob Enevoldsen and primarily Dick Reynolds provide exceptionally tasteful support. \n\nIn August 1955, the Four Freshmen (with Ken Errair) made their first concept album "Four Freshmen And Five Trombones" with arranger Pete Rugolo and a top flight cast of LA jazz musicians. It proved wildly successful. With Ken Albers replacing Errair, the group embarked on a series of albums, each with its own unique instrumentation arranged by Rugolo or Dick Reynolds and some with a thematic connection in the selection of the material. Discs four through eight each contain two of the ten studio albums by the group: "And Five Trombones", "And Five Trumpets" (with four bonus tracks), "And Five Saxes", "Voices In Latin" (with one bonus track), "Voices In Love", Love Lost", "And Five Guitars", "Voices And Brass", "First Affair" and finally "The Freshman Year". \n\n"The Freshman Year", recorded in the summer of 1960, would be the last Four Freshmen recording for Don Barbour who left to pursue a solo career. On this album the well--crafted concepts gave way to the group's return to their roots; the Freshmen accompanied themselves on 12 songs, each chosen on its own merits. Among the highlights was Don's solo version of "My Funny Valentine" accompanied only by his own guitar and Bob Flanigan's bass. With his departure, the first and greatest chapter in the creative life of this vocal quartet came to a close. He was killed in an automobile accident on October 5, 1961; his solo album was released posthumously. \n\nThe final disc of the set contains their1958 live recordings: "In Person" with four previously unissued tunes added and their set on Stan Kenton's "Road Show" album, which includes backing by the Kenton orchestra on two tunes and with the added bonus of "September Song" by June Christy with the Freshmen and the big band accompanying her. \n\nThese 210 selections include 14 albums, 24 unissued performances, five tunes issued only on singles, two rarities and nine tracks with Kenton. The set also includes our special booklet that chronicles The Four Freshmen's unique musical history as told by original member Ross Barbour, photographs of the group in their recording and performing prime and a complete, detailed discography with full personnel. \n \n9 CDs -- $144.00
This jazz cd contains 24 tracks and runs 68min 39sec.
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  1. The Four Freshmen - Rain (02:29)
  2. The Four Freshmen - The More I See You (03:15)
  3. The Four Freshmen - This October (02:17)
  4. The Four Freshmen - Don't Worry 'Bout Me (02:59)
  5. The Four Freshmen - It's a Pity To Say Goodnight (02:12)
  6. The Four Freshmen - Oh, Lonely Winter (02:57)
  7. The Four Freshmen - It All Depends On You (02:00)
  8. The Four Freshmen - Nancy (With The Laughing Face) (03:13)
  9. The Four Freshmen - I Never Knew (01:57)
  10. The Four Freshmen - Invitation (03:10)
  11. The Four Freshmen - I Understand (03:18)
  12. The Four Freshmen - Come Rain Or Come Shine (02:28)
  13. The Four Freshmen - Stella By Starlight (03:50)
  14. The Four Freshmen - (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (02:47)
  15. The Four Freshmen - I Had the Craziest Dream (02:55)
  16. The Four Freshmen - I'm Glad There Is You (03:50)
  17. The Four Freshmen - It Had To Be You (02:18)
  18. The Four Freshmen - Laura (03:16)
  19. The Four Freshmen - Candy (02:16)
  20. The Four Freshmen - Lonely For My Love (04:15)
  21. The Four Freshmen - Pennies From Heaven (02:06)
  22. The Four Freshmen - Never Again (01:52)
  23. The Four Freshmen - Sunday (02:51)
  24. The Four Freshmen - Autumn Leaves (03:53)

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