Miles Davis: First Night At Bottom Line 1975 (disc1) CD Track Listing

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Miles Davis First Night At Bottom Line 1975 (disc1) (1975)
Miles Davis\ttrumpet, organ\nSam Morrison\tsoprano & tenor saxophone, flute\nPete Cosey\telectric guitar, percussion\nReggie Lucas\telectric guitar\nMichael Henderson\telectric bass\nAl Foster\t\tdrums\nMtume\t\tpercussion\n\nRecorded live at Bottom Line, New York, USA on June 10, 1975
This jazz cd contains 5 tracks and runs 48min 12sec.
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  1. Miles Davis - Prelude (13:16)
    Fade in
  2. Miles Davis - Untitled Latin (06:22)
  3. Miles Davis - Mother Dearest Mother (05:15)
    With announcement\nAfter the rhythm section plays, musician says "We had a problem with one of the amps here. We're gonna fix it. We'll be back in few minutes."\nThe broken amp must be for Davis's organ.
  4. Miles Davis - For Dave (16:15)
  5. Miles Davis - Ife (06:59)

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