Various: The Verve Story Disc 3 - 1957-1962 CD Track Listing

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Various The Verve Story Disc 3 - 1957-1962 (1994)
YEAR: 1994 ID3G: 8
This jazz cd contains 14 tracks and runs 75min 54sec.
Freedb: b311c80e


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  1. Stan Getz, J.J.Johnson - Crazy Rhythm (07:45)
    Composers:\tJoseph Meyer\n\t\tRoger Wolfe Kahn\n\t\tIrving Caesar\n\nFeaturing:\n\tStan Getz\t\t(ts)\n\tJ.J. Johnson\t(tb)\nwith:\n\tOscar Peterson\t(p)\n\tHerb Ellis\t\t(g)\n\tRay Brown\t(b)\n\tConnie Kay\t(d)\n\nRecorded:\n\tOctober 7, 1957 at Shrine Au
  2. Blossom Dearie - Surrey with the Fringe on Top (04:18)
    Composers:\tRichard Rodgers\n\t\tOscar Hammerstein II\n\nFeaturing:\n\tBlossom Dearie\t(vcl)\nwith:\n\tMundell Lowe\t(g)\n\tRay Brown\t(b)\n\tEd Thigpen\t(d)\n\nRecorded:\n\tSeptember 12 or 13, 1958 in New York City
  3. Duke Ellington, Johnny Hodges - Stompy Jones (06:41)
    Composer:\tEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington\n\nFeaturing:\n\tDuke Ellington - Johnny Hodges Sextet\nwith:\n\tHarry "Sweets" Edison\t(t)\n\tHodges\t\t(as)\n\tEllington\t\t(p)\n\tLes Spann\t(g)\n\tAl Hall\t\t(b)\n\tJo Jones\t\t(d)\n\nRecorded:\n\tFebruary 20
  4. Sonny Stitt - I Can't Give You Anything but Love (04:04)
    Composers:\tJimmy McHugh\n\t\tDorothy Fields\n\nFeaturing:\n\tSonny Stitt\t(as)\nwith the Oscar Peterson Trio:\n\tPeterson\t\t(p)\n\tRay Brown\t(b)\n\tEd Thigpen\t(d)\n\nRecorded:\n\tMay 18, 1959 in Paris
  5. Gerry Mulligan, Ben Webster - Chelsea Bridge (07:21)
    Composer:\tWilliam Thomas "Billy" Strayhorn\n\nFeaturing:\n\tGerry Mulligan\t(bs)\n\tBen Webster\t(ts)\nwith:\n\tJimmy Rowles\t(p)\n\tLeroy Vinnegar\t(b)\n\tMel Lewis\t(d)\n\nRecorded:\n\tNovember 3, 1959 at Radio Recorders, Los Angeles
  6. Ella Fitzgerald - Mack the Knife (04:43)
    Mack the Knife (aka "Morit'at")\n\nComposers:\tKurt Weill\n\t\tBertolt Brecht\n\t\tMarc Blitzstein\n\nFeaturing:\n\tElla Fitzgerald\t(vcl)\nwith:\n\tPaul Smith\t(p)\n\tJim Hall\t\t(g)\n\tWilfred Middlebrooks\t(b)\n\tGus Johnson\t(d)\n\nRecorded:\n\tFebrua
  7. Mel Torme - Too Close for Comfort (04:04)
    Composers:\tJerry Bock\n\t\tLarry Holofcener\n\t\tGeorge Weiss\n\nFeaturing:\n\tMel Torme\t(vcl)\nwith the Marty Paich Dek-tette:\n\tVince DeRosa\t(frh)\n\tAl Porcino\n\tStu Williamson\t(t)\n\tFrank Rosolino\t(tb)\n\tRed Callender\t(tu)\n\tArt Pepper\t(as
  8. Jimmy Guiffre - In the Mornings Out There (06:51)
    Composer:\tCarla Bley\n\nFeaturing:\n\tThe Jimmy Giuffre 3\nwith:\n\tGiuffre\t\t(cl)\n\tPaul Bley\t\t(p)\n\tSteve Swallow\t(b)\n\nRecorded:\n\tMarch 3, 1961 in New York City
  9. Gerry Mulligan - I'm Gonna Go Fishin' (05:51)
    Composers:\tEdward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington\n\t\tPeggy Lee\n\nFeaturing:\n\tGerry Mulligan and the Concert Jazz Band\nwith:\n\tDon Ferrera\n\tDanny Stiles\n\tPhil Sunkel\t(t)\n\tWayne Andre\n\tAlan Raph\t(tb)\n\tBob Brookmeyer\t(vtb, p)\n\tGene Quill\t(as
  10. Stan Getz - Night Rider (03:59)
    Composer:\tEdward Ernest "Eddie" Sauter\n\nFeaturing:\n\tStan Getz\t\t(ts)\nwith Hershy Kay's orchestra:\n\tunknown\t\t(wdwd)\n\tAlan Martin\n\tGerald Tarack\n\tunknown\t\t(v)\n\tJacob Glick\t(vla)\n\tBruce Rogers\n\tunknown\t\t(cello)\n\tJohn Neves\t(b)\
  11. Lee Konitz - I Remember You (04:29)
    Composers:\tVictor Schertzinger\n\t\tJohnny Mercer\n\nFeaturing:\n\tLee Konitz\t(as)\nwith:\n\tSonny Dallas\t(b)\n\tElvin Jones\t(d)\n\nRecorded:\n\tAugust 24, 1961 in New York City
  12. Oscar Peterson - Something's Coming (03:53)
    Composers:\tLeonard Bernstein\n\t\tStephen Sondheim\n\nFeaturing:\n\tOscar Peterson Trio\nwith:\n\tPeterson\t\t(p)\n\tRay Brown\t(b)\n\tEd Thigpen\t(d)\n\nRecorded:\n\tJanuary 24 or 25, 1962 in New York City
  13. Stan Getz, Charlie Byrd - Desafinado (05:52)
    Desafinado (Off Key)\n\nComposers:\tAntonio Carlos Jobim\n\t\tNewton Mendonca\n\nFeaturing:\n\tStan Getz\t\t(ts)\n\tCharlie Byrd\t(g)\nwith:\n\tGene Byrd\t(g, b)\n\tKeter Betts\t(b)\n\tBill Reichenbach\t(perc, d)\n\tBuddy Deppenschmidt\t(d)\n\nRecorded:\n
  14. Jimmy Smith - Walk on the Wild Side (05:53)
    Composers:\tElmer Bernstein\n\t\tMack David\n\nFeaturing:\n\tJimmy Smith\t(org)\nwith Oliver Nelson's orchestra:\n\tJoe Newman\n\tErnie Royal\n\tDoc Severinsen\n\tJoe Wilder\t(t)\n\tJimmy Cleveland\n\tUrbie Green\n\tBritt Woodman\t(tb)\n\tTom Mitchell\t(b

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