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Various The Ballad on Jazz Piano Trio (2006)
Produced by Tesuo Hara\nMixed and Mastered by Venus 24bit\nHyper Magnum Sound\nP+C 2006 Venus Records, Inc.\nManufactured by Venus Records, Inc. Tokyo, Japan
This jazz cd contains 12 tracks and runs 72min 17sec.
Freedb: bc10ef0c


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  1. David Hazetine Trio - When You Wish Apon A Star (07:22)
  2. New York Trio - Everytime We Say Goodbye (06:45)
    C. Porter
  3. Eddie Higgins Trio - Polka Dots And Moonbeams (07:56)
    J.V. Heusen
  4. Sir Roland Hanna Trio - A Sleepin' Bee (04:25)
    H. Arlen
  5. Steve Kuhn Trio - My Funny Valentine (06:06)
    R. Rodgers
  6. Romantic Jazz Trio - My Melancholy Baby (06:42)
    E. Burnett
  7. Rob Agerbeek Trio - Nuages (03:26)
    D. Reinhardt
  8. John Hicks Trio - Cry Me A River (07:58)
    A. Hamilton
  9. Claude Williamson Trio - Star Crossed Lovers (04:41)
    D. Ellington
  10. Richard Wyands Trio - When I Fall In Love (06:10)
    V. Young
  11. Stefano Bollani Trio - Angela (04:34)
    A.C. Jobim
  12. Harold Mabern Trio - It Only Hurts When I Smile (06:06)
    H. Mabern

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