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David Krakauer Live in Krakow (2003)
2003 - www.label-bleu.com\n------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\nClarinetist and klezmer madman David Krakauer (whose name is German for "from Krakow") brought \nhis band Klezmer Madness! to the Indigo Club in his namesake city in June of 2003, and there \nplayed a monstrous set of klezmer music both traditional and avant-garde. Augmented by the \nsampling and beatbox wizardry of Socalled, Krakauer and his band delivered a sweaty, sometimes \nanarchic program; between Socalled's breakbeats, Sheryl Bailey's masterful funk-jazz-soul guitar, \nand Krakauer's wailing, keening clarinet, the music maintained that almost impossible balance \nbetween the celebratory and the mournful that is the unique domain of the klezmer tradition. \n"Turntable Pounding" opens the proceedings with a grungy downtempo breakbeat and Middle \nEastern vocal samples, over which Krakauer blows crazily while Bailey alternates between funky \nsingle-string backup and fuzzy wah-wah chords; "Dusky Bulgar" (composed by the band's \naccordionist, Will Holshouser) brings in sort of a tango feel and a more traditional instrumental \napproach; Krakauer's "Klezmer


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  1. David Krakauer - Turntable Pounding (09:12)
  2. David Krakauer - Gypsy Bulgar (05:44)
  3. David Krakauer - Dusky Bulgar (05:09)
  4. David Krakauer - Offering Nign (07:25)
  5. David Krakauer - Klezmer A La Bechet "Remix" (07:02)
  6. David Krakauer - Naftule's Nussach (07:50)
  7. David Krakauer - Love Song for Lemberg/Lvov (06:53)
  8. David Krakauer - Alt (Dot) Kletzmer (08:53)
  9. David Krakauer - Waiting For Julian (01:58)
  10. David Krakauer - Sirba (02:58)
  11. David Krakauer - Bonus Track : Sheryl Pounds The Table (05:08)

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