Jerry BERGONZI: Live Gonz II CD Track Listing

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Jerry BERGONZI Live Gonz II (2004)
Jerry Bergonzi- tenor sax, Renato Chicco- piano, Dave Santoro- bass, Andrea Michelutti- drums. Recorded live at the Duc Des Lombard club in Paris, France.\nSubmited by jaZZnko. janko.hrovat@siol.net
This jazz cd contains 5 tracks and runs 60min 29sec.
Freedb: 4a0e2b05


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  1. Jerry BERGONZI - I Remember You (15:10)
  2. Jerry BERGONZI - Si Senora (12:52)
  3. Jerry BERGONZI - Just Friends (10:06)
  4. Jerry BERGONZI - Dexter (11:39)
  5. Jerry BERGONZI - Let's Pretend (10:39)

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