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Various V-611... House Of Blues Swings! (1999)
LABEL = Platinum Entertainment, Inc.\nID = 5141614432\nUPC = 751416-144320\nCOPYRIGHT = 1999\n*****\n\n\nExecutive Producer: Bill Gilbert\nCompilation Producer: Heidi Richman\n\nThe House of Blues is a chain of Blues clubs across the United States and broadcastsa showon MTV. In this album they use this access to present an overviewof the modern swing movement across the UnitedStates.\n\nThere is an 8-page booklet but the web information is not complete. I have added this as well as where the band hails from under the various sound tracks.\nterry
This jazz cd contains 12 tracks and runs 42min 20sec.
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  1. Jive Aces - Planet Jive (03:54)
    The Jive Aces (United Kingdom):
  2. Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers - Blue Skies (03:51)
    Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers (San Francisco, CA):
  3. Blues Jumpers - Chicken Wing (02:59)
    Blues Jumpers (New York City, NY):
  4. Indigo Swing - Regular Joe (04:29)
    Indigo Swing (San Francisco, CA):
  5. Big Sandy And His Fly-Rite Boys - Feelin' Kinda Lucky (02:52)
    Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys (Los Angeles, CA):
  6. Eight To The Bar - Demon Rum (02:59)
    Eight to the Bar (Cheshire, CT):
  7. Swingin' Deacons - Conjunction Junction (02:46)
    The Swingin' Deacons (Los Angeles, CA):
  8. Bellevue Cadillac - Prozac (04:47)
    Bellevue Cadillac (Boston, MA):
  9. Savoir-Faire Pistol Pocket Dance Band - 5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days (02:45)
    The Savoir-Faire Pistol Pocket Dance Band (Santa Barbara, CA):
  10. Swingerhead - Swing Out (02:36)
    Swingerhead (Orlando, FL):
  11. Vargas Swing - Satan (04:59)
    Vargas Swing (St. Louis, MO):
  12. Camaros - Love (03:16)
    The Camaros (New York City, NY):

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