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Max Roach Drums Unlimited (1966)
Max Roach (drums) [all tracks]\nJames Spaulding (alto sax) [2,4,6]\nFreddie Hubbard (trumpet) [2,4,6]\nRonnie Mathews (piano) [2,4,6]\nJymie Merrit (bass) [2,4,6]\nRoland Alexander (soprano sax) [4]\n\nOriginally released 1966 on Atlantic SD-1467
This jazz cd contains 6 tracks and runs 41min 31sec.
Freedb: 5409b906


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  1. Max Roach - The Drum Also Waltzes (03:34)
    (Max Roach)
  2. Max Roach - Nommo (12:43)
    (Jymie Merritt)
  3. Max Roach - Drums Unlimited (04:23)
    (Max Roach)
  4. Max Roach - St. Louis Blues (05:22)
    (W.C. Handy)
  5. Max Roach - For Big Sid (03:04)
    (Max Roach)
  6. Max Roach - In The Red (A Xmas Carol) (12:21)
    (Max Roach)

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