Douglas Adams: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (CD 2 of 5) CD Track Listing

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Douglas Adams So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (CD 2 of 5) (1985)
Read by the Author\nthis CD: New Millenium Audio CD1590072618-2\nthis 5 CD pack: ISBN 1-59007-261-8\nUPC = 9 781590 072615\n(c)1985 Completely Unexpected Productions Ltd\n(c)2002 New Millenium Audio\
This jazz cd contains 12 tracks and runs 56min 8sec.
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  1. Douglas Adams - CH6a: From here it was a four-mile walk to his village (03:53)
  2. Douglas Adams - CH6b: He stared at it and realized that he had just learned something (03:10)
  3. Douglas Adams - CH7a: His house was still there. How or why, he had no idea. (04:48)
  4. Douglas Adams - CH7b: Entranced, Arthur turned it round yet again (04:41)
  5. Douglas Adams - CH7c: He left the sheep and let his mind drift outwards sleepily (03:50)
  6. Douglas Adams - CH8: Arthur awoke feeling wonderful, absolutely fabulous (04:05)
  7. Douglas Adams - CH9: He accepted another pint and took a pull at it. (05:33)
  8. Douglas Adams - CH10: At the third stroke it will be one... thirty-two (05:48)
  9. Douglas Adams - CH11a: April showers I hate especially. (04:42)
  10. Douglas Adams - CH11b: But when she smiled, as she did now, it was as if (04:50)
  11. Douglas Adams - CH12a: There is, for some reason, something especially grim (04:47)
  12. Douglas Adams - CH12b: Arthur snatched the tickets, and said thank you (05:54)

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