Kip Hanrahan: Tenderness CD Track Listing

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Kip Hanrahan Tenderness
Musicians: Don Pullen, Leo Nocentelli, Andy Gonzalez, Alfredo Triff, Fernando Saunders, Giovanni Hidalgo, Chocolate Armenteros, Robbie Ameen, Diahnne Abbott, Carmen Lundy, Lucy Penabaz, Chico Freeman, Milton Cardona, Richie Flores, Ignacio Berroa, Andrew Cyrille, Marvin Smith, Cecilia Engelhardt, Sting
This jazz cd contains 16 tracks and runs 75min 30sec.
Freedb: f711b010


: Music



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  1. Kip Hanrahan - in the pants, not in the prick (05:37)
  2. Kip Hanrahan - ...when I lose myself in the darkness and pain of love, no, thi (05:37)
  3. Kip Hanrahan - ...she turned so that maybe a third of her face was in this * b (04:31)
  4. Kip Hanrahan - the same time, as the subway train was pulling out of the (04:29)
  5. Kip Hanrahan - ...I told him 'I don't have to be beaten to be understood..." (06:01)
  6. Kip Hanrahan - ...look, the moon. (05:05)
  7. Kip Hanrahan - ...half od sex is fear... (06:26)
  8. Kip Hanrahan - Gillian's Folk Song (03:47)
  9. Kip Hanrahan - History (05:15)
  10. Kip Hanrahan - ...there was something about his anger that was so...inaccessab (05:45)
  11. Kip Hanrahan - ...If I knew how to, if I knew what muscles to relax... (03:13)
  12. Kip Hanrahan -'re no pimp, and I', certainly no whore... (01:31)
  13. Kip Hanrahan - Deep Summer (04:13)
  14. Kip Hanrahan - ...look, the moon... (05:44)
  15. Kip Hanrahan - in place of and epilog:Lullabye for my Daughter (03:04)
  16. Kip Hanrahan - in place of a morale:Geography (05:04)

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