Joyce, James: Ulysses 12-22 CD Track Listing

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Joyce, James Ulysses 12-22
This jazz cd contains 10 tracks and runs 79min 31sec.
Freedb: a012a10a


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  1. Joyce, James - Deshil Holles Eamus. Deshil Holles Eamus. Deshil Holles Eamus. (09:09)
  2. Joyce, James - The Man That Was Come Into The House Then Spoke To The Nursing-Woman And He Asked Her How It Fared With The Woman That Lay There In Childbed. (07:01)
  3. Joyce, James - For They Were Right Witty Scholars. And He Heard Their Aresouns Each Gen Other As Touching Birth And Righteousness... (10:01)
  4. Joyce, James - To Be Short This Passage Was Scarce By When Master Dixon Of Mary In Eccles, Goodly Grinning, Asked Young Stephen What Was The Reason Why He Had Not Cided To Take Friar's Vows... (06:57)
  5. Joyce, James - But Was Not Young Boasthard's Fear Vanquished By Calmer's Words? (07:23)
  6. Joyce, James - With This Came Up Lenahan To The Feet Of The Table To Say How The Letter Was In That Night's Gazette And He Made A Show To Find It About Him... (08:24)
  7. Joyce, James - Our Worthy Acquaintance, Mr Malachi Mulligan, Now Appeared In The Doorway As The Students Were Finishing Their Apologue Accompanied With A Friend Whom He Had Just Reencountered... (06:17)
  8. Joyce, James - Here The Listener, Who Was None Other Than The Scotch Student, A Little Fume Of A Fellow, Blond As Tow... (09:59)
  9. Joyce, James - Accordingly He Broke His Mind To His Neighbour, Saying That, To Express His Notion Of The Thing, His Opinion... (09:10)
  10. Joyce, James - But Malachias' Tale Began To Freeze Them With Horror. He Conjured Up The Scene Before Them. (05:02)

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